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Lvl Up Xplorers ~ A gaming-based webcomic
Hey folks.  Just wanted to share with my fellow SRW fans the new webpage I've put up for the Lvl Up webcomic.  The original webcomic was created by my friend and roommate and all the pages of it are now up on this new webpage.  The reason this new page was made though was to host the new webcomic that my friend is working on with me.  He's still doing the art but we're both co-writing it.  I hope you all give it a look and if you like it, that you continue to read it and give it votes. Smile  This comic is going to be a continuation of the first, at least in regards to the two main characters that star in it.  Calcula Mihgo is my friend's creation and the character he played in FFXI while that character's sister, Mii "Woosh" Mihgo, is my own creation that I've also played in FFXI for the past 13 years.

URL for the comic is:
[Image: DragenGD.png]

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