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Question that's been bugging me
Is Time Diver Ingram Cobrey's official title or is it one coined by fans based on the title of his theme?
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Coined by fans. As memory serves Alpha 3 referred to that role as something along the lines of guardians of causality.

But hey, at least this fan coined term isn't functionally retarded like "Robot Romance Trilogy" or somesuch.
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I still can't get over "Coffin of the End". It's so hilariously bad.
Try translating that to Japanese (literally)
(01-03-2017, 06:16 AM)Constraint Wrote: I still can't get over "Coffin of the End". It's so hilariously bad.

The tittle?

because if so it makes sense in game since its related to the coffin that Yotennai was on all the SRW OGs story and that's pretty important

as for the game its not bad at all, its the best Masou Kishin tittle to date and better than some poor SRW that was released that year

also Time Diver its not a official tittle that's related to Ingram already knowing that was going to happen beforehand, as for Cobray its a anecdotal reference to Ingram
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