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Happy New Year 2017!
Mine's already 2017, so Happy New Year everyone!

Happy 2017 for all of us people \o

may it be a good year 2016 was terrible
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

happy 2017 everyone and let us hope this one is better than the last one.
                                                                                                   [Image: dynamicteamnewsig.png]
Happy new year, people.

Got my butt kick in special stage of G Genesis and am fervently waiting for SRW V in two months... Hope that we get more than JUST SRW V (I'm discounting X Omega) for 2017
Yes, hopefully, 2017 will be better. The evil people in my life were pretty successful last 2016.
Mega Nutrients
Happy New Year guys!
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