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Macross Delta Because Yes why not?
[Image: 8KJD9BH.jpg]

The series start from a exactly month of this post so info on what we have:

this happy go luck girl with the "a ma be idol" its called, Freyja she is part of a group of singers that will well, sing, the woman on the right looking like she is on the wrong show its a pilot she is called Mirage, and the boy is Hayate.

the series is set 8 years after Macross Frontier

Official site:
Based on what I saw of the preview episode:

Good points: VF-31 is an interesting fighter, Norse mythology names, Jenius descendant that's gone full elf ears.

Bad points: I can't help but feel were retreading Macross 7
Spoiler Show
with an anti-ISIS theme.
So, I don't get to talk to people about Macross 7, but what's the general consensus?

Personally? It was my favorite. It was just so fun. So, if this does go along that route, I am beyond content. Except with less episodes. If Macross 7 was shorter it'd be better.

I think I am lookin' forward to this show. Not sure. The influx of idol stuff lately has been kinda bleh and, while I know what Macross bleeds, I hope it doesn't lose itself.
I liked most of Macross 7. Basara left a bad first impression on me that more or less stuck with me, but beyond that I found it quite enjoyable. However, most of the people I talk to think that it was the worst Macross ever. Granted, most of those are western people focused largely on the "military" aspects of Macross, and tend to forget the original was basically a soap opera set during Earth's first space war (within that fictional universe), it was not a war story with a little bit of drama.

A key point here is: this is my circle of people I know outside the board, and most are American, so I can't give a good sense of general consensus from Japan and such. I also listed Macross 7 as a bad point, not because I dislike Macross 7 but because I don't want to see what may be a reboot of it. However, after rewatching the preview episode again, I think I had the right reaction for the wrong show. I don't think it's a retread of M7 but of Macross II, but I'll wait to see more episodes before I commit to that thought.

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