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Sen no Kiseki General
Quote:Anyone else feel like they're a bit shy on having more Ourouboros members in the series? Shit reminds me of Bleach and its conservative approach to new bankais. If they're really near the end like they said, I am seriously wondering as to how they'll introduce all the remaining members and anguis. Not to mention the Gralsritters. I guess this is kind of why my excitement after Kiseki 3rd dropped off a cliff.

Fucking seriously though, the introduction of the mecha I think has ruined the series.

I've only played Sky 1 - 2 - 3 ; CS 1 & 2.

They are nowhere near the end. As of the end of Sen IV, the entire Kiseki plot is at most 40% complete. And There's a lot of them in Sen III and IV though.

The current Oruobos count that appeared in III/IV alone is

Spoiler Show
-The Grand Master / Eidos


-Cedric (Becomes a member after Sen IV because Shirley's hot and he has no future or freedom in the empire besides sitting in a jail cell)

-McBurn *Former and never coming back, returned to the "outside"

-Campy Clown

-Sharon *Former and never going back

-Vita *Former and never coming back

-Blueblanc *former and never coming back

-Lianne *former/RIP

-Duvalie *former and never going back, as of the end of Sen IV the other 2 with her left as well when Lianne died


-That one guy with the machine gun

The 5th Anguis was also confirmed to be active and operating in Erebonia, however he is nowhere to be seen in all of III and IV so he doesn't count. Albeit some theorize the Queen of Erebonia might be said Anguis.

Mechs don't play THAT large of a role outside of the story of the Rivalries between the 7 Kishins, and a few mobs. In fact, 9 times out of 10, Rean gets cock blocked and literally cut off mid sentence every time he tries to summon Valimar in Sen III. And in Sen IV they combat is toned down a but and doesn't happen as much.

But goddamn, the first time he finally summoned him I was more then just metaphorically hard!

EDIT: As far as mechs in the future go, At the end of Sen IV, the Panzer Soldats became so supperior that all the other nations combined only stood a 30% chance of actually defeating Erebonia's forces. So chances are most likely the other nations will try to start developing their own mechs.

(02-17-2019, 07:16 PM)Stripe Wrote:
(02-15-2019, 06:25 AM)Top Nep Wrote: This is actually pretty annoying because I needed the game ASAP. Wasn't probably going to ever play it,but I wanted that coin! but RL issues are starting to come into play. LSS, An offer we made on a house on Texas got accepted despite being below the asking price, and after an Open House this pas sunday, someone made an offer on our house here (California). Both are in Escrow right now and within 40 days assuming nothing goes through.

But now the game is set to release in the exact period when I don't even know what state I'll be living in.

Congrats on the house change if that goes through.  Maybe have a local friend in your current area pick it up and mail it to you if you have to move before then?  Or since it's GameStop, and they allow preorders to be canceled and give you your money back, maybe just make a preorder using them at the nearest store to both homes?  It takes a little doing, but they can cancel your preorder even from another state so long as you go into one store and have them call up the other store to cancel the preorder.

Thanks! Hopefully everything goes well. I looked into the escrow and stuff, and as long as it gets released before April, I should be able to get it before we leave this place.

It's stressful till we get green light from both sides, but so far so good. As much as we don't want to leave California/LA, it's for the better.....This place is a fucking shit hole. The cost of living, food, gas, housing, anything and everything is so over bloated and aweful that the only place even shittier is basically New York. (Which was our other option to move to along with Florida and Texas)

Hell, doing the simple numbers, our current home here (When all goes through) sold for around $970,000, basically round it up to a mill. The house we're set to get in Texas? $370,000. And the on in Texas has more square footage, more land, more rooms, and is in far better shape then our current one. That's a trash California, especially LA is.

I'm was on the fence on getting the $100 Sen III CE from the Atlus store but, eh, decided to pass. Nothing in it besides the Mishi plush was that worth it to me. Not that it's not worth it, the stuff is good, but I already have the SE's of both Sen III and IV, the Original Soundtracks (FULL soundtracks not the 5 track sampler), the art stuff, as well as the most important thing of all, the Sen IV Eternal Preservation collection books that contain the original scripts, plot lines, layouts, etc etc etc of the entire Sen on Kiseki franchise in it's original form.

Fun fact, Sarah was originally planned to be a Raiser, but scrapped because things would have gotten too convoluted and other reasons didnt make it feel worth it.

I do regret not going all out for the version with the Pocket watch though, but money was tight and that thing was like 200 fucking Mira.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
On March 23rd Falcom will have a special presentation. Part of it will be to show new info as well as early footage of Ys IX.

The other half Kondo will talk about the future of the Kiseki franchise.

[Image: ps_06_cs1w1_1280x901.jpg]

Still love the ending image where the other guys were congratulating and having a toast to Jusis celebrating his relationship with Millium.

[Image: ps_03_cs1w1_1280x900.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
After several weeks of silence, Exseed finally announced the Delayed Sen I Kai will be out in the west on March 26th....

Which is now the WORST case scenario, as this is the exact day I'll be finally moving out of this place, and into the new place in Texas. Which is a 2 day drive so Regardless of whether I have it shipped to me here or there, I won't be at either place to receive it, so Xseed and their inability to actually inform people of a delay so late kinda cucked me.....Just how NISA cucked them! *runs*
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Haha, wow.

[Image: 0227sen003_cs1w1_720x.jpg]

[Image: 0227sen05_cs1w1_1000x751.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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