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Sen no Kiseki General
*Owns Both Sen I and Sen II on PS3, AND Sen I and Sen II on Vita*

COME AT BE BRAHS! I'd double buy Sen III for Vita as well if I could!

The ones I don't own are the western versions because Im against forced dubs, even more so when a bad dub.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^Where did you get that picture of Catalina?
(06-02-2017, 12:23 PM)srw785 Wrote: 100 videos :o
I don't think I can watch all that, that's like four 2 season anime.
Maybe I wait for the game to come out and see if it's something I can jump in the middle of since usually they have some sort of recap when they change consoles. I know it won't be the pure way to play it, but it's better than nothing.

Haha, yes. I doubt anyone can. XD
I was crazy that time when I recorded those.
But I'm pretty sure they will include some sort of "what happened in the past" or something for Sen 3, 'cos it's in an entirely different platform. Kinda like Yakuza games.

Or maybe they'll include the history in the manual.

Anyway Nep, you own a 64GB memory for Vita or what?
Dengeki. It's pretty much the only place that even covers XO. Unfortunately the artwork Sega provides is random. Some times its large, other times meant for ants and their antsy antics
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[Image: FuguJGM.jpg]
[Image: L64LnW2.jpg]
[Image: sNibso8.jpg]
[Image: UY7hes5.jpg]
[Image: 9AyYkIH.jpg]
[Image: DijMWdW.jpg]
[Image: aP3xq9J.jpg]

Background wise I've ways usually made my own for the Vita using such images.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(06-02-2017, 10:12 AM)srw785 Wrote: I'd like to, but
1. Don't have ps3 or vita.
2. 3 games is too much for me. I usually stop playing in the middle of the second or first game :/

Maybe I'll watch the first two on youtube or something.

Andy Chan Wrote:Problem is, Sen 1 and 2 is on a different platform than Sen 3. [Image: sad.png]

Yea, same.

Its coming out on PC/steam in the US later this year I believe, with more voiced audio. Part 1 is atleast, part 2 will come later very likely. So there is that option if you don't have a PS3/Vita.
64gb. But even that's not enough. I have a ton of other games not on my skittles image. But had to delete many, along with a ton of music recently. Custom tracks a important to me so it annoys me when the Bandai Namco Gestapo tries to disable them and screen shots.

As to Sen III, it's in between. Yes it's the thiRd game, but it's not exactly a sequel to to Sen I and II, those were the story of Class VII, which was resolved. Sen III is the next chapter of Rean and now Altina''s story. Where that goes, who knows. But the crossbell Gaiden was basically the precursor to Sen III.

There will probably also be a settle to score between Lloyd and Rixia with Rean and Altina. Though for the most part, Lloyd stands no chance vs Rean.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'm planning on picking up Sen 2 on my Vita cause its on sale for about $20. Just so I can transfer data from my PS3 over. Although playing it on the big screen via PS3 is easier on the eyes and I feel more comfortable with a actual controller rather than a handheld, but that might be more because of my carpal tunnel.
(06-01-2017, 05:45 PM)Top Nep Wrote:

The Ys XIII LE came with samples of the Sen III art book.

Spoiler Show
[Image: 5sYTmSG.jpg]
[Image: 6vXrIhK.jpg]
[Image: cnqgABW.jpg]
[Image: Hm0HXV4.jpg]

This was floating around. If in case anyone is interested.

[Image: th_The%20Legend%20of%20Heroes%20-%20Sen%...vfb6ge.png]

The Legend of Heroes - Sen no Kiseki III - Confidential Material Book ~ Erobonian Empire 1206

*note: text is in Chinese.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
Dengeki has a nice update this week.
[Image: 8zgmlpk.jpg]

And the next issue will center on Alisa, and the newer, shorter skirter, and more midriffy Fie! Now with lass sleepy head hair.
[Image: sSdbuPj.jpg]

[Image: lnh9CFA.jpg]

Speculation on 2ch is that the random home maker woman listed as only ????? in the scans is also
Spoiler Show
Ines. And also that she might be related to if not Laura's mother. Same eye color, same voice actress, same facial structure apparently

Other snippets from 2ch are

Spoiler Show

Quote:-[2ch] Shirley operates as both a Red Constellation battalion commander and Enforcer in Erebonia, looks forward to meet Randolph.

-[2ch] Leading the Stahlritter, Arianrhod has come to Erebonia to retrieve the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. True identity will be revealed.

-[2ch] There's also mention of an unavoidable battle for Arianrhod.

-[2ch] More Ouroboros incoming: Campanella has infiltrated Erebonia and McBurn is also present (reluctantly), looking forward to Rean.

-Mariya Ise voices Ines, Satomi Sato voices Ennea. Naomi Ozara is still doing Duvalie Who Is Strong Despite Not Having A Number.

-[2ch] Other Ouroboros members than aforementioned ones may appear, hinting at number IX, the Severing Chains.

-[2ch] The Gralsritter are not holding back either, with members you never expected to see showing up in Sen III

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE......Why does one of her hair strands look like a cat tail.
[Image: 2qe3meK.jpg]

Spoiler Show
alleged mother vs daughter!
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Arianrdhod? nice can't wait to deal 10 dmg again

i want a remix of Azure Arbitrator when i fight her please, also seems like Randy compassion for Shirley was wasted.

someone needs to teach Fie that panties go under your clothes.
Its never too late to start loving again

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