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Sen no Kiseki General
Finished the game and got both endings. dem ending credits and overall true ending, holy shit that was great. Jusis wall finally coming all the way down for his feelings for Millium was also nice to see.

Best daughter is best supported
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[Image: fxqSzCH.jpg]
[Image: uZcOaDs.jpg]
[Image: Sk3scdQ.jpg]

[Image: HyVCM35.jpg]
[Image: v8Ia2ys.jpg]
[Image: jRab1yr.jpg]

[Image: ob0iYoy.jpg]
[Image: aRM33hd.jpg]
[Image: J3oAzNV.jpg]

[Image: LlGs8TH.jpg]

[Image: jJDyNwY.jpg]
[Image: RioqWf4.jpg]

Also clearly, they all went back to Thors II and continued their student lives, (We only got like 1/3 of the school life) we have the Jusis and Millium relationship thing, and also the major stuff such as world changes, the Clown somehow managing to recover both Arc Rouge and Lost Zem, and other important things.

There better be some fucking post plot DLC or something because a lot of stuff should not have just happened off screen.

Overall, <3 this series.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Redoing some of the fights and after events.

Huh, so that's' why they've never mentioned the existence outside of the continent of Zemuria. McBurn reveals the truth about it and says
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that the "Outside" is basically a world that operates on laws different from the laws created by Eidos. Rosellia or one of them also states that there's an actual force preventing people form actually ever leaving the continent where if once you get to a certain point/distance, you'll literally not be able to physically move any further out. Which means all of Zemuria ias bascially trapped and or protected by a barrier.

This also meshes into the big revelation that Ouruboros' true purpose is to protect Zemuria from "other words" and the "Outside" with Eidos herself being the Grand Master.

Her big scene at the end though now brought up 2 new issues. First off is that they're not starting the Eternal Regression Plan, and s that thanks to Rean and Crow stopping the Twilight Disaster Zemuria can survive for a little longer.

The big one though is that she says only 3 years remain until "The Nothingness of All" is going to happen.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
you kinda spoilered parts of the ending there (I already knew so it's fine) but you might add the Spoiler Tags.
On a side note guess the next saga will be finished ... 2030. Nah probably not, they said this went on too longv and wan t to make sure to finish the next one faster.
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He looks so sad without the arm. He can't juggle at parties anymore Sad
[Image: GlRCgdc.jpg]

A team is best Team. Crow can have what's left.
[Image: q2UsrbI.jpg]
[Image: J3H9oBx.jpg]

Also decided to buy one last piece of DLC. The glasses one. WORTH IT. They make the Ultimate girl the perfectest Girl.
[Image: qMkAuEG.jpg]
[Image: 0R4LoOv.jpg]
[Image: wzYjGzu.jpg]
[Image: bML5G3p.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I thought there was a bug with my game because Rosellia kept appearing like this after the last patch.

But now I see it was probably just Sony of Amurrica forcing Falcom to censor the game to meet with amurrican standards and Morals.

[Image: KeOZf0r.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Sony of Japan is doing it with some of their Japan only games so it's an entirely Sony thing right now.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
At this point Sony of Japan is pretty much dead. After Somy moved their head quarters to America is when all their new poicies and demands about censorship started happening now that they want to please their SJW masters.

Developers have already conformed that if a Japanese developer wants to release a Japanese only game for Japan only, Theyre forced to submit it to Sony HQ for Approval. However HQ aka Sony of america demands that the submitted product be sent to them in full English despite beimg a game only meant for Japan.. Aka america joe reviews the game to make sure its appropriate for American auidinces via his standards dezpite the game not even being meant for the US to begin with.

Having to now translate the game into English just fkr the stupid western side tonapprove it can delay the game by months. And some smaller devs cant even afford to fully translate it.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
and i read somewhere that Sony of Japan don't plan on doing e Playstation 5, but another game console, with another name that can play mobages and such on it as their next console game, and it had something wrote like "it don't need to be named playstation but we need a new console"

now i think if they will just abandon the Playstation 4 and make another console for the Japan people and stay there
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Number 199
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[Image: MDxpCGq.jpg]

And 200. After 5 years, this Erebonain's Last Tale is finally over. ;_;
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[Image: wAbfyXD.jpg]

Rean put on a goddamn shirt....I don't know who I'm supposed to be admiring more, Rean or Final Ascension Vali-kun in the back there.....
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[Image: q0lXWAT.jpg]

I like how Rean had a touching moment saying goodbye to Valimar, and Crow was basically "See ya, space cowboy!"
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[Image: sJAcm2q.jpg]

The best team/Near Final play time give some 40 minutes.
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[Image: PpT6dDY.jpg]

[Image: 2EKOhT6.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Sen no Kiseki IV Original Soundtrack is out.
It's Beautiful ;_;

Some of the tracks really should have done a 2nd loop though, Especially Synchronicity and the Excellion Keurig Coffee brewer theme.

The standard mech battle theme still sucks ass compared to Sen IIIs though. At least I have my SRW T BGMs.

[Image: QU5aEPz.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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