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Sen no Kiseki General
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Yeah, when everyone tried to get demon Rean to return to normal and Rean had his Newtype moment, Valimar and Millium's spirits appeared as well, telling him to knock that shit off and they didn't die for that.

Unlike in the old games where he'd have full conversations with you When you're grounded and try to talk to him, in Sen IV you simply get a sad message and often some words from Rean , Altina, etc
Rean after he gets into the cockpit since the incident
[Image: xNW8YHw.jpg]

[Image: eHhWtso.jpg]
[Image: 5ggJbbZ.jpg]
[Image: 22bQ3eW.jpg]
[Image: 2XK5HGB.jpg]

Also on a more positive note. Sora had the Brights, Zer(A)o had the Bannings, and now Sen has the Schwarzer

Overall as far as growth goes, following the ending of Sen IV Altina has been developing nicely, and her facial expressions and voice tones changed as time goes by as well.
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Yeah, now that I think about it from watching the stream
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Millium appears a few times (pretty much confirming she is somewhat aware in the sword) but I don't remember Valiimar speaking up again so unlike her he might be properly dead, I didn't watch the full thing though.
Yeah, Millium talks every so often during Key moments, but Valimar seemingly only has the OS following basic commands, where as his Soul was capable of indipendant action of needed without Rean.

I've only fought against it in the first chapter, but most likely Testa=Rossa's soul was also lost. Either during when it was cursed several hundred years ago and became Lord of Vermillion, or when it was destroyed at the end of Sen II. In Sen III they seemed to have simply regenerated it's frame with it's fragment of The Great One, unknown if the soul or even the curse that pilot locked it was revived as well.

Zector, uknown either, since officially that Knight was fully destroyed back in the Lions War though so far I haven't heard it talk to Rutger yet.

Also....FUCK! I thought this 2nd run of Sen I NA was going to be a quick thing, but apperantly I still need the 500 and 1000 battle strophy, and the damn advantage trophy. ugh....
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Did a look over on what i need.

For notes, all I'm missing are Machias, Sara, Emma and Gaius final pages, which while they all happen on the same day, they luckily give you 4 pts by default.

For bonding events, I need Sara/Emma/Laura/Machias/Elliot/Gaius/Jusis. Besids needing 5250 link EXP which I SHOULD hopfully have by then, they need one of 3 possible triggers to unlock it. A: See their ch.6 bonding event, (Which is also the final pages for those 4) B: Take them to the city to pick up the IdolM@ster outfits, or C: Spend 2 tickets on them at the festival. Basically either Jusis, Laura or Elliot will need to go to the city, while other 2 both take up 2 of the 6 tickets at the festival.

I might have to replay the festival part though, depending on whether the others all meet the 5250 link EXP values. If they don't, I'll have to use the last 2 tickets to otp them off, which can be a problem if Towa hasn't reached the 1100 link EXP she needs, which you'll never know because the stupid game has no way of keeping track.
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(10-02-2018, 10:27 PM)Stripe Wrote: Get that plat, Nep!  I believe in the you that believes in getting plats! \o.o/

Fisshin' acomplished. I forgot how stupid the Sen I trophy expectations were. especially the 1000 victories. I did a 99.9% perfect run on my first run, and that was barely around 300 battles. When it came down to grinding the last 600 or so battles the memories of the exact same issue 5 years ago with the JP version came flooding back.

Also forgot how retarded the final battle was because it's straight up comes down to RNG and whether or not Rean will actually counter. 4 IN A ROW. CROW ATTACKED 4 TIMES IN A ROW, AND EVERY TIME IT HIT.
[Image: q8fu2JR.jpg]

Crow always had a think for his Kouhai's.... but for...certain reasons.
[Image: zbVuwBk.jpg]

[Image: nWrh9rI.jpg]
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I heard that there are fan translations of the Crossbell games. Are the translations decent?
My understanding is that one game is properly fan translated while the other was machine translated but a team is working on getting a proper translation done.
I played them, I'm kinda used to google transabominations so I can understand stuff well enough and was able to play through fine.
Just finished IV. Better than I feared, worse than I hoped. Didn't do as much with the mechs as I'd have liked.

Still I had a pretty good time with it.
The I didn't like how it felt the mechs were under used. Though in it's defense, 90% of the time that Rean tried to call Valimar in Sen III, he got cock blocked by everyone and everything.

Also disliked that Altina never got a proper mech to pilot even though she's better then everyone at it excluding Rean. But she still won though, she got a new father out of it.
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