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Sen no Kiseki General
Sen I Kai doesnt have its own trophy list. It's BS, they simply added it into the existing list. I wanted my platinum screens shot.

My goal was Replat Sen Kai, then plat Sen II Kai and then do my 2nd run/Plat run of Sen III, all before Sen IV was on the horizon...
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Dumping if in-case anyone is interested.

*click on the thumbnail to view the cover in full resolution
[Image: vzqH1JLm.jpg]

The Legend of Heroes - Sen no Kiseki III - Official Visual Collection
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]


First look at the main heroine
[Image: 71fDzPX.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
[Image: dhb9eMq.jpg]

I can't stand Altina's hat. All I see are german nazi hats from WWII.
[Image: wkIwHy9.jpg]

[Image: V9uwBHh.jpg]

[Image: WsoNPxp.jpg]

[Image: Kve3AsQ.jpg]

[Image: HACvYSW.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Its not the same hat, just that she attached some solar protection on it?
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Her school uniform was a Barret. This is an entirely different hat

The scan says that her seperation from Rean has affected her mental growth.

Quote:Rean's absence affects Altina's mental growth. Musse distances herself from Juna and spearheads the Weissland Army, taking surprising actions.

Calvard, Remiferia and Liberl are also wrapped up in the curse, and there will be a battle scene with a dearly missed Ouroboros member.

The monument in the background of Juna and Kurt's screenshot resembles the one in the Hexen Clan's village.

All threads regarding Erebonia will be resolved at the end of the game, including Olivert's fate. Ouroboros core mysterious will be carried over to the next Kiseki

Most playable characters in the series to date, including Ouroboros members maybe. New Quartz, Lost Arts-like things, special situational battles. Scenario is slightly smaller than III.

An older Elie will show up in a new outfit. There's still much more to reveal about the witches and their elder. Look forward to see what side Crow will pick. Situation in Erebonia might change now Renne shows up.

Rean is the protagonist proper. Situation regarding his heart, ogre power and father will be revealed. A new female character will make her appearance, as well as Crossbell's Entertainment District and Mishelam resort.

Sen IV will also address how Ash resolves his inner conflict and wrap up events relating to Hamel. Kurt fights against the position his family is forced in. Tension between him and Cedric will be one of the highlights.

Sen Mag Vol III infodump

[Sen Mag Vol III] The Emblem on Juna's jacket says "Never Give Up", it has no meaning beyond that.

[Sen Mag Vol III] Millium will appear in some form. [[Sword? Or something else? doesn't specify]]

[Sen Mag Vol III] The beginning of IV connects directly to the end of III

[Sen Mag Vol III] The new orange haired character is not Erebonian

[Sen Mag Vol III] While the person in the fourth drawing (See dengeki scans) is Rean, it doesn't appear to be the Rean from the current time
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Sen no Kiseki IV site has finally updated.

As expected of the main heroine, right in the center
[Image: OkPvnB8.jpg]
[Image: 1Xq0KTR.png]
[Image: E6Fpf00.png]
[Image: oZ3a8yh.png]
[Image: z21lfw0.png]
[Image: vlW1bzD.png]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
This week in Sen IV news:

Quote:* Septian Church
* Laura and a possible teaming up with Duvalie
* Fie's decisive collision with Zephyr, their secret will be revealed
* Jusis and his confrontation with Rufus
* Gaius and the innermost part of the giant in Nord

* Rufus still governs Crossbell, but there might be forces "aiming for a timing he isn't there".
* Rutger's mystery of being alive (since he should have died) and Xeno/Leonidas' past will be revealed
* The Awakeners' role will be addressed

* Thomas Lysander and the Church step forward to bring the situation under control again. Box boy will show more of his power. Still supported by Rosine, whose seiyuu isn't listed.

[5ch] Jusis suffers more than ever before. Doesn't join the Weissland Army but stands with Class VII. Next issue features more characters and new mechanics.
[Image: HV7UryH.jpg]
[Image: XGGJFXz.jpg]
[Image: hU9t9Cg.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Quote:This week's Sen IV update: launch date of September 27th is confirmed. Characters this week are: Lloyd, Elie (surprising new information regarding her mother) and KeA Bannings (with twintails).

Apart from the 7800 JPY standard game, there also will be a 11800 JPY "Eternal Limited Edition", including so-called confidental, "completely uncensored" synopsis books for I, II and III, totalling 700 pages B5-size.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Any pic for the limited edition?

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