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Dynasty Warriors 9 announced.

Quote:The latest entry in the series, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, promises to be a “rebirth” with drastic game system changes and set in an open world. There will be towns in the vast fields that players can freely enter and exit, and the map will have considerable differences in elevation.
A Famitsu interview with Koei Tecmo’s Masaki Furusawa and Akihiro Suzuki reveals that all 83 characters that appeared up until Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will appear in the game. Zhou Cang will appear as a new playable character, alongside several other new characters, but not too many.

Open world Dynasty Warriors! That's new, and refreshing. Finally they're getting out form their comfort zone.
And I wonder if Diaochan is going to be even more naked than DW8 version.
I am going to be cautiously optimistic here. Good to hear that they are preserving the roster ("Look, everyone! It's Han Dang! He's *voice breaks* famous!"), but the last time they made major game play changes, we got Dynasty Warriors 6, so ... we will see.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
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Its open world.

Dynasty warriors is ruined forever.

i can already see it "kill 7 soldiers with spears please and return here to win that healing item"
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But before this, Warriors All Stars first!

Helloooo Chinese Dub.

Looks cool, though.

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