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Eternal Wind English cover (Gundam F91 25th anniversary)
Here’s Divinel / Milkychan Eternal Wind English cover to celebrate 25 years of Gundam F91.

This song was used at the end of F91 and liked it because of its bittersweet / sad nature but it is melodic and has a good set of lyrics and wanted to acknowledge the 25th anniversary as it came out originally in 1991.

It is a mixture used of using the 2015 off vocal instrumental whilst keeping the length wise to the original 1991.

Be aware that divinel is German so despite she can use good command of English it is not her 1st language therefore take into consideration before you are going to comment on the vocals.

Additionally, this song had existing Japanese harmonies so had to rework the lyrics so they can fit whilst making sense in English.

I undertook all the production elements, Divinel sung the vocals, did the audio mixing and made lyrics adjustments and Bree Page wrote the majority of the lyrics.

Video below...

Or click the link to view on Youtube itself -

Positive comments on here and on the Youtube video are welcome. If you like what you here then feel free to follow me via the links in my signature.

Hope you enjoy it.
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I like it, so I gave you an like on Youtube.

You're other music video's are good too.
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