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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
(02-14-2019, 03:26 AM)Constraint Wrote: I'm actually quite tempted to try two of the routes. I'm trying to go for the rightmost route (with a certain somebody surviving) and if significant enough, the "left" route. Any ideas on what to title these "two" routes? I really hate the scenario design. Just when do they significantly diverge from one another in terms of story? Also, thanks for the heads up. No wonder the faq author didn't bother to explain lol. 

Scenario 7: The Stolen Elemental Lord

Saphine and Luozorl are up to their shenanigans again as the former runs off with Cybuster. Shit! Cenia joins us with the Nols Ray. For someone on the hero side, it's quite interesting to have an attack named "Evil Eyes". I wonder if there's a story to it.

I'd go for it, doing both of those routes is pretty much the best way to experience Masoukishin in full; they start diverging right from the start of the second part. They have various events in common, but in different place/circumstances, and the end part is wholly different. The first one can be called Shu route without a doubt, while the other(s) could be named after a character you haven't met yet.

As for "Evil Eyes", it isn't plot relevant in any way, and where is upgradable it gives you the more powerful but more innocuous sounding "Charm Eyes". I suppose it's a generic reference to that kind of power in Mythology/Folklore/Fantasy.
Sounds like a plan ; I'll review the flowchart and see what I can muster up. So far, scenario 20 looks to have a major impact on the routes.

Scenario 9: Borderline
[Yang Long fought Saphine]

Looks like we'll be trespassing on foreign territory. The name, Vagonia is... quite an interesting name to say the least. Not flattering, however. 

Scenario 10: United Front
[Didn't trespass Vagonia territory]

Some crazy old man by the name of Zets shows up. Gino is introduced as well. Vagonia itself also seem to have its own unique masoukis. (W/e they're called.) 
I went ahead and used the max money cheat. I just want to breeze through this game. Zets is not right in the head. As per Masaki's apt description of Zets - deranged.
Also, I didn't even realize this game had dynamic kills. Cybuster's Vanity Ripper has one. Saphine helps us out and Yang Long makes her indebted for one occasion. 
Quite smart of him. Seriously though, Zets is pretty crazy. Reminds me of the big bad in Z1. Probably even worse. Look at his battle quote for fuck sakes.

[Image: Y5GQReO.png][Image: pG0VAGU.png][Image: kVIlyGE.png]
I wouldn’t cheat if I was you. The game will catch you at a certain point and call you out on it, and IIRC will game over you as well.

(I’ve heard it sometimes accidentally hits people who game overed a few times too many, even.)
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Wasn't that the PSP version?
Were that the case, it would be quite strange for them to have done so. Yeah, I vaguely remember hearing about that for the PSP remake - this being the first for the original.

Scenario 11: The Name of Randoll

Thank God Masaki isn't called Randoll. Hey, we got a new face joining the story. Rasetz or w/e his name is. I can't tell if he's going to be a good/bad guy later on. Yeah.. max money may have been a bad idea - but I'm going to need it to expedite the process. Been busy with university coursework.

Scenario 12: Masaki's Familiars
[Played Scenario: United Front]

Kuro and Shiro finally make their debut. Three new characters also make an appearance - fuck, this game has a lot of characters!  I wouldn't be surprised if the # reaches above 40 - 50 range. Looks like we'll be heading up to the surface. Shu is nowhere in sight. 

[Image: SYwrGDi.png][Image: 5utmbEW.png][Image: 0aTLGTV.png]
Where the big glitch with Max Money cheat is in one of the scenarios that features Tytti early in the game where she has to use Familiar on the enemy. If you've upgraded her Familiar to High Familiar, it doesn't work.
I'll most likely be fine. I think I'm past that certain stage anyhow. Damn WinkySoft / Banpresto! Let me just enjoy the game!


Scenario 13: On The Surface

Tyutti's familiars are quick to look down on Kuro and Shiro lol. We're actually back on the surface - Japan, to be specific. Okay.. just so we're clear, the Earth Masaki visits is likely already cognizant of mecha, I presume? The Japan air force pilot that confronts Masaki isn't even fazed at the sight of Cybuster lol. Shu pops out of nowhere as usual. So Granzon itself was developed on the surface unlike the Masouki. Interesting - I didn't know that! Or my memory fails to recall OG 1 events.

Seriously though, Shu is probably the only fictional male to rock purple hair and still be badass. Okay! So per Shu's advice, Masaki returns to La Gran before he grabs everyone's attention on the surface. I believe this is the stage where a major decision determines the route you'll take at part 2 or so of the game. For now, I'll be covering the rightmost route and then come back to comment on the "left" route. Damn, I honestly hate this scenario design so bad. I know it's not too complicated but it's a fucking mess. 

Scenario 14: No-Fly Zone
["West" choice]

I honestly didn't even do anything this time. The two stages were just event maps. Masaki gets saved by Shu - who is quite talented in making dramatic appearances.

[Image: J6F3PzA.png][Image: 5ne7I7A.png][Image: 30TSWyX.png]
The Earth of Gaiden was the one in SRW 2, which had a shitload of robots by that point.
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No wonder!


Scenario 15: Masaki and Ricardo
["Go straight ahead" choice]

We get to see a more serious side to Ricardo in this scenario. Zamzeed malfunctions - which entails a lot of possible explanations. Mine in particular being that it might be doubting Ricardo. I could be totally wrong though. Despite the amount of characters in the game, I think WinkySoft did a pretty swell job in bringing each and every character to life. 

Scenario 16: An Underground Meeting
["Accept to investigate" choice]

Masaki investigates a cave and encounters Shu again. I decide to let Shu help out to see Granzon in action for the first time in Gaiden. Granzon's space/time attacks are all ammo-based which is interesting. 

[Image: OMSoIce.png][Image: ogs1aev.png][Image: gVxgUhB.png]
Wow, didn't know Tytti had it in her. XD
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you've been staked.

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