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Z3 Jigoku-hen Commentary
Scenario 43: Entrance to Hades

It's time to kick Guura's ass. Good fuck, my crew is too strong at this point. We're almost at the end guys. Almost. Fully upgraded Shin Getter and next in line will be Amuro who likes to spam fin funnels against enemy squads. Gunbuster is just a monster. I feel like it can solo a whole map.

[Image: vw7DRnu.png]
This cut-in makes it look as if he has boobs.... 
Scenario 44: God, Devil, and Man

 Just when you think nothing is about to happen, Hades appears and gives two turns to entertain him lest he kills everyone. Or some such. Zeus appears. At this point, I just want regular old Kouji and Mazinger. Kind of tired of Shin Mazinger. This stage was probably the "toughest" one so far. Turn limits are so annoying. I don't remember Big Bang Punch being a MAP attack though.

[Image: VsYC7Gg.png]
I remember posting a screenshot of Big O from SRW D in the old Adult Swim boards and everyone was wondering what the hell SRW was. Surprisingly a few users knew about the series. 
You really probably should have gone Defy Destiny.
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(I suppose you're referencing it as a more difficult path?)

Scenario 45: Mycenae, God of Darkness

 Motherfucking Hades is causing a damn headache. Too bad for most of his goons, because they can't hit any of my real units. Getter Dragon crew finally shows up. At this point, I guess the end stages will have a lot of annoying double action enemies. It's gotten only marginally tougher but nothing game breaking.
No, Defy Destiny really isn't that different in terms of being difficult, its the more what if path. Its like Z1 where you have to get a certain amount of points with certain actions in a couple of stages and pretty basic stuff. Nothing to do with SR points. It has a more interesting story and more characters too.

But there is a good chance you might've gotten the points for it as Defy Destiny route starts at stage 50. Otherwise you will be on the normal route.

I'm guessing you are not using the Akurasu guide?
And it's not even a what if in matter of story as, while the plot points related to defy destiny points aren't necessarily ones that are canon for the second game (
Spoiler Show
as is the case for Daguza and Loni
), the ones relative to the route itself are. For what i remember the route IS canon (and at the very least it certainly is for 2 series).
I'm using the Akurasu guide mainly for the flow chart.

Scenario 46: What Time Remains (Merida Island Route)

 I'm going to tackle the route I'm not going to "take" first. I just realized I barely upgraded Suzaku's mech and have been letting him deploy in every stage under the assumption that he was upgraded. Interesting. This is a straight up Gundam route. Man, I wish Heero had an ALL attack. I mean, he's not useless but it feels weird for him not to have one. This stage gave a lot of funds however (600k). Banagher gets caught by enemy forces again. Damn this kid. My strategy in upgrades is basically apportioning 62% of stat upgrades and 5 attack upgrades for all the main characters. This way I have a set focus and not waste time choosing who to upgrade.

So far, my fully upgraded units are: Genion, Shin Getter, Nu Gundam and Gunbuster. Gurren Lagann is next for obvious reasons but it's not like we'll use his upgrade for more than 2 stages.

[Image: G4NPp95.png]

Scenario 47: Duel in the Atlantic (Merida Island Route)

Fuck this stage. It's a boring underwater race to the other end of the map.

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