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Z3 Jigoku-hen Commentary
It's not like going the " Defy Destiny " route is an hassle; most of the requirements are easy and some almost, if not quite, stated in game (like saving Loni, convincing some characters, etc...), and you need only 5 out of 10, with only the tenth posing any sort of trouble; the route's stages are a little more satisfying and "challenging" (not that you will see challenge in this game and its sequel without deciding not to use some of the new mechanics, and even then...). It's also the canon route.
Hmmm, that's true. I looked at the criteria again and it's not as absurd as being pegged to SR points - which I loathe and don't understand the reason for in past entries.

Stage 2: Here Comes a New Problem Boy

 Sousuke joins our MC as another new student to the school Kaname attends. Lo and behold, they're all in the same class. Hibiki isn't your typical edgy dude. He knows martial arts and can go toe-to-toe with Sousuke. Hibiki seems to know information your average high school student wouldn't know - is this related to the event after obtaining the Geneon? I really like how the Geneon can pop out of nowhere as if it's from the likes of La Gias. 

It's another incredibly easy battle as our enemies get overwhelmed by not even a fraction of the monstrous crew that is the Z team. As if Hibiki and co. weren't OP enough, the damn Macross Frontier crew shows up and annihilates our foes. Maybe Hibiki isn't so edgy after all - he's just a cunning quiet mofo. No wonder Sousuke is shook. He's met someone similar!
Heero is likely the next upcoming candidate to complete the trio. Wherever he and the rest of the Z crew is at. I'm honestly lost with all the time fuxoring dimensional alternative collision plot going on.

Any tips & pointers are welcome.

[Image: ab8SV4D.jpg]
[Image: Fwpg833.png]
Black Ox joins the fight and he stares his enemies to death. The offspring of Zuul and Chirico.
Stage 3: Trusting One's Back

 It's a rather generic stage where the Macross F crew trains the pseudo-high school kids to become hardened warriors to prepare for the coming battles. It's gotten to the point that our MC is more taciturn than Sousuke, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just that these two protagonists make Alto uneasy. 

Maximum break is introduced as well as the squad system of Z3-1. As if the game wasn't easy enough. Ozma joins the fray as well. Anyway, as I said before - really generic stage. Nothing happens. Damn, forgot how much sniping was a thing in Z2. Z3 doesn't disappoint in that regard and I'm not even a quarter into it. Some of the cut-ins and animation are haphazard. I wonder what the hell happened? It's honestly not that bothersome. At least it ain't on that NEO bullshit. Also, did I say it was a generic stage?

[Image: ZTQgqC7.jpg]
[Image: 95MqdBk.png]
If SRW Neo was Sword Robot Wars, then Z is Sniper Robot Wars. Except Z1.
Chapter 4: Science City Defense Force

 The Mazinger crew joins our class out of nowhere. Of course, this entails the appearance of no other than Count Brocken. Kouji has to hold out for about 2 turns until our friends show up and negates the whole hostage scenario. It's a fairly easy stage as you can spam combos and maximum breaks. The usual hit & dodge with reals and kill sweeps with your super crew. In conclusion, the Mazinger & Trider G7 guys join you. The Genion activates a new attack which is... okay looking. You're expecting it to go omniblade mode and then get disappointed. The disintegration finisher is cool and all but that which leads to it is so lame.

[Image: ZVrSOIb.jpg]
[Image: i50wTFq.png]
Damn Shotaro doesn't play around. "Where's my money?!"
Stage 5A: Unknown Menace (Hiking Route)

 Some more background on Hibiki is revealed as our MC is quite the survivalist. Sousuke may have find a rival. Anyhow, as our crew is hiking for w/e reasons, we get tracked down by Tetsujin enemies. Genion is the first and only one to deploy so I quickly move him to the woods. After our team arrives - Camille and his federation crew show up to help us out. The Tetsujin baddies get wrecked bad as most of them can't hit any of the real robots. Let's just say Camille went on a rampage. I'm going to choose Genion as the 1st to get max upgrades, but that might take a couple of stages.

[Image: Vjqd5OC.png]
[Image: HDGqbSL.png]
Ain't no stopping this Z train
Stage 5B: Creeping Malice (Refuse to Hike Route)

 Instead of hiking, our heroes go out to watch a movie. Ok. It's a more interesting stage than the previous one as this time we square right off with some of Neo Zeon baddies.
Damn, I didn't realize Char's Counterattack was in Z3. I was even more happy when I realized they added Gunbuster. Anyhow, that particular robot I don't think will come until later on. For now, I sincerely don't know what's going on. I'm pretty sure the Z crew that I have at the moment are the same guys from Z2. 

[Image: Jju4hzW.png]
[Image: KpKOQL3.png]
Unlike the Axe Bomber from NEO, Boss can't EN charge you after movement. Sad
The only series from Z1 that are in Z3-1 are Orguss, Zeta, CCA, SEED Destiny, and Big O. The rest* are either new or from Z2-2, from which every series except Dancouga, E7 Movie, and various detritus series are represented (like GL Movie 1, Geass R1, Wing, 00 Gundam, and the early Votoms OVAs have been shuffled out, as has the Macross F show version).

*the caveat being that Unicorn and Aquarion EVOL are obvious follow-ups to Z1 series.
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Daaaamn wtf? You're right. Godsigma and Baldios aren't in Z3? Wtf?????????? What happened to the guys that got shafted? Are they mentioned at all in Z3? Z3.2 would have been a cool finale if everyone was in considering the series has 5 damn entries.
Stage 6 (Hiking Route): Shadow of War Clouds

 Damn what a bummer. I had thought all the Z cast would be in the finale of 3.2 but I guess some series had to be shafted. It's all right. We got Evangelion and Gunbuster to replace them. I sure miss seeing Raideen. Honestly, nothing big happens this stage. We face Gyunei and some of the Neo Zeon baddies. Fa gets destroyed. She can't keep up with Camille. So far, I'm getting the SP without the intention of doing so. Not like I'll need them. Fuck it, i'm going to skip the other route and just head on the stage 7 since there's not much of a difference.

[Image: dju0DDN.png]
[Image: GDjdAdW.png]
 Rocket punch never gets old.
All the series not in Z3-1 don’t get mentioned in Z3-1 until very near the end for plot reasons, although Dancouga is probably the most notable in that Aoi definitely remembers their team and until that specific plot point has no idea why. Z3-2 has the excuse that they’re all fighting offscreen - very late into the game you consider going back to pick them up, but the strategists overrule that because the Earth needs as much protection as possible from the OG villains (you do get the occasional oblique references to them though - some of the OG enemies have “Walker Machines” which Land pilots one of in Z3-1.5, you get a letter from a “Black Southern Cross” that uses a different written language than the one from OKG has officially, there’s a battle where your guys can actually see some of the other missing cast members but they’re just offscreen, that sort of thing).

So it’s better than F or Alpha 3 just blatantly forgetting about everything not still in the game’s cast list outside of A3 bringing up F91 one single time.

Honestly, it wouldn’t seem so bad if Z2 hadn’t carried over so many series and had them do literally fucking nothing for two games.
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Sucks that they included Dancouga Nova and not GodSigma/Baldios. 
Scenario 7: Looming Trap

 Again, nothing big happens except we get to tango with some Votoms baddies.. or what's left of them. Dancougar Nova shows up and is actually quite helpful as it's a beefy ass super robot. Lame ass got in but the original didn't. It's another fairly easy stage but the Votoms baddies seem to have higher hit rates than does their Neo Zeon counterparts. Looks like the former is more experienced because Camille couldn't avoid every attack. At the end of the stage.. we get to see the airplane hijacking incident that occurred in SRW W. Heero is on the plane now alongside Sousuke & Duo. Speaking of which, Trider G7 is just slaughtering everyone with his All Saber attack. I really don't like Dancouga Nova. However, it has a great ability as it gains 30% crit and 1.2x dmg multiplier at 130 will and it's not even the ace bonus. It's one of those series that should only be used once and be done away with for the franchise. 

[Image: pkax25T.png]
[Image: GKbhM7r.jpg]
Alto has been going on a rampage. He creeped up behind Hibiki and stole his Ace spot with Watta trailing behind. 

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