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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
Oh really, I didn't know that. Wow hahahah. 
Stage 6: The 3 Animals

 The scenario begins with the J9 crew subduing Ryoma and handing him over to Dr. Saotome. (I didn't even know J9 was in this game. Last I've seen them was in Alpha Gaiden. Damn, it's been a while, J9 crew!) Damn, reminds me of playing Alpha Gaiden years ago ...

I believe this is the first time we get to see New Getter Robo featured in SRT. It'll be interesting as I've never watched the show. It's about time we get to pilot the more mature and adult counterparts of our kid heroes. Damn, if this stage can't get any better. Domon MF'ing Kasshu appears out of nowhere. The Getter team needs all the help it can get because the enemy reinforcements amount to more than 10+ units. Domon, even without focus is nearly untouchable. What's interesting about NEO is that it doesn't have any mecha cut-ins. Damn, it's almost a gamebreaker to have God Gundam on your side this early. (or temporarily.) I have to say though, I'm not too fond of this version of Ryouma...

[Image: yDBmpH3.png]
This Ryouma is lame! 
This is the only time New Getter was in SRW. It’s not one of the four series Neo cares about. None of these three are.

As for Bryger, it and the other two J9 series were in GC.
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Stage 7: The 3 Animals pt 2

This is basically a continuation of the previous stage - only it skips right to the fray as the trio are continuously defending Saotome's lab. I'm getting the hang of Neo's system now. If anyone can give me some pointers along the way, I'd appreciate it. But I doubt it'll go on the verge of difficulty I encounter in the OG games. I just now realized your units are much stronger when huddled together. No wonder the enemy units dealt so much last stage. Man, seeing Braiger again makes me want to reply Alpha Gaiden again. Here's hoping the J9 series shows up in later 2D SRW entries.

I keep thinking that Amane is a girl. The game always has to remind me that Amane is a boy rather. Uhh, it looks like a bunch of elementary school kids created a replica of the earth defense force classroom inside Amane's battleship. Wtf? How? Interestingly enough, the stage has two battles. This time, Ganbaruger sorties to fight the hell beasts harassing the nearby vicinity of the little munchkins. Ryu Dolk appears and is adamntly intent on beating Liger but strangely enough keeps focusing on Ganbaruger. lol?

yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what the hell? I didn't know Amane had Gosaurer, Mazinger Z, Diana, and Boss Borot inside it until 4 turns later. How does this work? Does this mean you can deploy back and forth? Anyways, thank goodness. I was running out of EN like a mofo. This is probably the longest stage in NEO so far. After the battle, our heroes get transported to another world (?).

[Image: Dtl2yYU.png]
The original J9.
The battleship system in Neo keeps all units in the ship and lets you deploy them on the go, and send them back when they’re too damaged or have run out of EN. OE somewhat mirrors this, but lowers per stage deploy limit to 8 on field and 12 in ship, while Neo will raise the on field deployment midstage at times (pay attention after events.) and have every unit in the ship.

Constant discard and draw is needed to get value out of your units. Abuse that and Resupply, which is free and P.

And yes, keep your units clustered together, and never, ever, ever let yourself be surrounded, as surround bonuses are absolutely absurd (abuse that against bosses).
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Thank you for the pointers. Wow, in that case, I will most likely take advantage of the system.
Chapter 8: Foreign Land

 Our hero Kakeru is stranded in a foreign world. Of course, we immediately get surrounded by enemy grunts led by what appears to be a talking penguin. However, the enemy retreats quickly and Kakeru reunites with some of the team. Not long after, we get to meet the Ryu Knight crew and commence battle with Da Cider. W/e his name is. The penguin doesn't even get to fight us as he retreats after Da Cider gets blown away by Mazinger's breast fire. Just when I thought that the battle has ended, what appears to be the original's rival (?) shows up.

Man... his hairstyle bothers me so bad. It's incredibly awful looking and it just looks unkempt. Who designed the enemy rival? I let Raijinoh punish him with the finishing blow. Overall, it wasn't a difficult stage. Wait.. where is Lamunes from? Is he the main character of Ryu Knight or Adeu? Anyhow, we now have 3 support units. As if having 2 wasn't OP enough, the 3rd one has both healing/en recharge capabilities.

[Image: QJeXAWZ.png]
Boy wonder Lamuness
Da Cider is his name, yes, all Lamune characters have names that are puns on drinks. (Milk, Cocoa, Cider, Lamuness itself is a Japanese soft drink, King SQUASH-er...)

Lamuness is the main character of Lamune. And yes, the Axe Bomber is absurd and by far the best support unit in the game, abuse it. Weapon upgrades power up Repair/Resupply, so max that thing’s weapons!

Rivalis is indeed your original rival.
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Ah, I see. I got confused with the Lamune and Ryu Knight series. 
Stage 9 - Dark Ryu Knight

Speaking of Ryu Knights - the Mage, Priest and Ninja guys get into a scuffle with some bandits. Liger and Gosaurer finally shows up and reunites with our folks. Getter is encased in one of the rocks and it looks like we'll have to get it out as the Onis followed us from Earth. Dark Ryu Knight makes his appearance debut on this stage. I had to put Getter back in the Ionia because it is weak as hell without Ryouma in it. Significantly weaker. Also, the game feels so weird without having any real robots in it. The getter scene kinda reminds me of a scene from Alpha Gaiden - don't ask my how I remember.

[Image: 53r8u2J.png]
Another support unit - this time aoe heal. 
Getter is still usable and you should be able to keep everyone on level for a long while, just remember that Getter 3 is still your best anti-flying robot - and arguably the best in the game - and 2’s movement range and dodge power is ridiculous.
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Ah, I didn't know Getter 3 had anti-air capabilities.
Stage 10: Iron Leaguer

Damn, as if NEO can't get any more weird - I believe we are finally introduced to the Iron Leaguer series. Ganbaruger shows up and assists Mach Windy (w/e it's called) against the devil army units from G Gundam. Damn, the soccer kid ain't half bad. He seems to be doing more damage than Ganbaruger.. which is embarassing. Thank goodness the Ionia shows up to save our asses. The main enemies in this stage so far are 3 golden sports guys from Iron Leaguer. I try to let everyone have equal footing on their levels but.. it's kind of moot considering the absurdity of the system as it scales in your favor. Man, the original character designs are really bad. Anyways, after this stage Domon and Bumblebee joins us.

[Image: EocCtzU.png]
Bumblebee from Transformers joins the party.
Yeah, it’s Mach Windy. His main problem in this as I recall is EN usage.

That said, while many series got shafted here, Iron Leaguer’s handling is particularly horrible.
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