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Z3 Jigoku-hen Commentary
Gadlight being pathetic overall is kind of the point of his character - he does recoup it slightly in Z3-2, although in a very Alpha 3-esqe situation, he never actually joins for good because he gets murdered to hype some of the antagonists.
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Thank you for the exposition! I wonder if the three will get any new attacks in 3.2. I might look up the exclusive mook animations on YT. Mattman, you gotta tone down on the spoilers man lol.

Eh, I never did sympathize or was hyped when going up against Gadlight due to his incredibly dumb reasons for what he did. I also thought it was kind of lazy how Advent's Ascelpius wasn't all that different from the Chronos MP units.. but not as bad as Analotta. [I'm assuming Asakim is the representation of Pisces (Masaki) (?)]

[Saw Crowe's mook animations for Rengoku. Lol, talk about mook on crack. Someone on Banpresto must really like Setsuko.]
I have reached the end of the topic. *plants flag* Took me a little while, but I am all caught up. Tells me a lot about how long I have been absent that all of the Z games have summaries nowadays. *headscratch*
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