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Neo Commentary
(12-05-2016, 12:22 PM)Constraint Wrote: and probably that one kid from Iron Leaguer.

Ahahahahahahahaha you're implying that any human from Iron Leaguer shows up.

Or any character other than Mach Windy, Magnum Ace, the Gold Brothers, and two characters who showed up in a single episode and in two others as minor bit roles.

You're implying that Neo gave half a shit about Iron Leaguer.


Also it's King Squasher.  Everyone from Lamune is a drink pun, as are all the robots - Milk, Cocoa, Da Cider, King SQUASHer, Lamuness himself is a corruption of a Japanese drink, etc.
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Quote:Level 80 requirement? Yikes!

It's not hard. You gain levels quickly, and IIRC you'll have multiple level 99 units by the end without any effort.

Your reservoir of knowledge in these games and anime is pretty awesome. You must be the analytical type.


Yeah, I'm not longer surprised at the insanity of it.

Not given up on this playthrough. Real life is OP. School is about to start as well, but will pick back up soon.
I've hung around mecha boards for a while and I watch mecha shows, you pick things up over time.

Now I'll really blow your mind: you know Devil Satan 6 from Machine Robo? His name is Devil Saturn 6. His design and name are a God Mars joke.
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