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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
(12-05-2016, 12:22 PM)Constraint Wrote: and probably that one kid from Iron Leaguer.

Ahahahahahahahaha you're implying that any human from Iron Leaguer shows up.

Or any character other than Mach Windy, Magnum Ace, the Gold Brothers, and two characters who showed up in a single episode and in two others as minor bit roles.

You're implying that Neo gave half a shit about Iron Leaguer.


Also it's King Squasher.  Everyone from Lamune is a drink pun, as are all the robots - Milk, Cocoa, Da Cider, King SQUASHer, Lamuness himself is a corruption of a Japanese drink, etc.
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Quote:Level 80 requirement? Yikes!

It's not hard. You gain levels quickly, and IIRC you'll have multiple level 99 units by the end without any effort.

Your reservoir of knowledge in these games and anime is pretty awesome. You must be the analytical type.


Yeah, I'm not longer surprised at the insanity of it.

Not given up on this playthrough. Real life is OP. School is about to start as well, but will pick back up soon.
I've hung around mecha boards for a while and I watch mecha shows, you pick things up over time.

Now I'll really blow your mind: you know Devil Satan 6 from Machine Robo? His name is Devil Saturn 6. His design and name are a God Mars joke.
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*I'm back. This time, I will try to update on a consistent basis as I have some free time during the summer. Well, kind of.

Stage 4: Bunny Diva

Uh, it's been a while so it may take some time to readjust to the already bizarre story and cast of NEO. Which is a damn good thing. The asset reuse cycle of the more modern entries can really burn you out. Anyways, this is about NEO. Let's get back to it!

Cliche alien girl experiencing donuts - kids being kids - etc. etc. Giant rock appears out of nowhere. Bunny ear original mecha on broomstick makes her debut on the battlefield.
Fucking epic dialogue from NEO: (From joekage's NEO script translation)

Quote:Doll Satan: Mu, who are you!?

Sharu: You don't need to know who I am!

Doll Satan: Fuck you, do you intend to oppose us?!

That's right, you tell her Doll Satan. Damn, the bunny unit is alone for now. Despite that, this thing can EVADE. Turn one becomes a breeze.

By turn two, things get even more exciting as some of our heroes arrive alongside Boss Borot. Then Osekaiser shows up who resembles a giant human. Damn, I don't know what's happening but I like it. Osekaiser uppercuts an enemy to death and jumps right in front of the whole enemy team. To recruit the guy, I'm supposed to allow him to kill 5 or more enemies. Shouldn't be a problem. Yeah, it's no bueno. Osekaiser is undeniably a strong guy. Somewhat overkill though as he wastes EN on low-hp enemies. Doll Satan is pretty damn strong - I've got to be careful around her. More stronger than Doluga. I let Raijnoh deal the finishing blow after Liger softens her up. 

After dealing with the other angry male villain - a route split is on the horizon. 

[Image: diTvJnG.png]
Donut girl.
Osekkaiser (that’s how it’s spelled, his name is two words put together) was an MotW from Raijin-Oh. Basically the Raijin-Oh villains were turning things they overheard humans saying bad things about into monsters, so when someone talked about superheroes, they made it. It wasn’t evil, though, and ended up giving up its life to save some people... apparently, I haven’t seen that episode.

In Neo it’s actually really good because it’s a specialist in reducing enemy Will, and it is VERY GOOD AT IT.
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No wonder he was an oddball.
Stage 5A: Enter, Ganbaruger!

Some ninja squabbling breaks upon a seal that releases a multi-headed dragon but it gets sealed back by an Eldoran. The dragon demon's lackey shows up in its stead. 
Lol, kids again. This game is full of them. We get to see another batch of kids piloting the Eldoran mecha or w/e they're called nowadays. They have been entrusted to protect the Earth from its enemies. Mere prepubescent children.

The bad guys start wrecking the town but Kakeru won't have none of it as he hates it when gardens get destroyed by the villains. Okay. The initial wave of enemies aren't a big problem. Ganbaruger or w/e its name is comes to help out in the next phase of the stage. Its defense is pretty weak. One of the enemy units deals 3k :O. Despite that, the stage isn't that difficult.

Jaaku Satan and Raijinoh arrive for what appears to be the final phase of this stage. After the stage, we go back to a combined route. But before that, we'll tackle the other route next time.

[Image: eE41wGf.png]
[Insert smell caption here.]
Ganbaruger was the second of the three Eldoran series (this game has four because it also has the unfinished one, but Daiteioh is a long way off.)

It’s the oddball of the group, and has essentially no plot relevance in this game because very soon the only Eldoran that’s going to matter will be Gosaurer.
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Stage 5B: Enter, Gosaurer!

 In this stage, we have a villain turning the surrounding ground into machine. Gosaurer makes his debut and seems to be stronger than Ganbaruger. This stage is a complete breeze as we both have Sayaka and Boss as support units. Not to mention my ace pilot, Kouji - who destroys everything in his path. What I don't get is that the school building remains visible during the stage after Gosaurer combines. We'll now resume with the combined route. Looks like we're norwhere near close to gathering everyone up yet.

[Image: g63AJZm.png]
These guys should be included in a cast with Zoids: Genesis one day. 
Gosaurer is absurd and as you get more upgrades for it it will get even better. It’s one of the few series in this game with plot focus, and the only one of the Eldorans.

You’re almost done collecting everyone. Of course, in about two stages you lose everyone again...

Also Gosaurer was in a SRW with Zoids Genesis. But OE was OE.
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