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Marvel vs Capcom 4
[Image: 8aQprlP.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Rumor has come true?
It's most likely fake. Capcom's not gonna just up and release a new fighting game within less than a year of announcing it.
Just bfore I went to bed, someone from Fb implied it to be for a new Marvel movie. I guess I should Google

Edit: Fail. How I do I f'n prevent Google Image search from implying keywords. It wasn't there last time I used it to look for pron...
Mega Nutrients
If it was for a movie alone it wouldn't have had the PS4 and Capcom logos though. Information on MvC4 was rumored a few months back, normally people dismiss it but apparently it was by a reliable and trusted source.

Assuming it's real, because it only contains a PS4 Logo, many are thinking that Sony Intervened with Capcom and Disney/Marvel and made it happen, and are also backing the game personally like they did SF V.

But until we get an official statement or leak, we're best just assuming its a fake. The 4 looks too Real world CG rather then anything in the series art styles.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Also, has anyone debunked the rumor that Marvel isn't allowing X-Men or Fantastic Four characters in new console games? The FGC will throw a shitfit if they make a MvC game with no X-Men characters and I strongly doubt Sony or Disney will strong-arm Marvel into lifting that embargo.
But Disney owns Marvel.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
If Disney was the one who mandated the slow cut-off of X-Men/Fantastic Four comics then just lump the two companies together. Otherwise my point still stands.
If this is true then I hope that Capcom's Marvel games+DLCs return to the PSN.
There is nothing to prevent X-men or Fantastic Four from being in any media outside of movies and live action shows, Fox only owns the rights for making MOVIES with them.

I'm not even sure how Capcom can afford to make this game, if they did it would use the Street Fighter V engine. But the licensing costs will be very expensive, otherwise they would've done it soon, and their financials aren't looking too good these days. Sure Monster Hunter made Capcom money, but SF V did pretty bad in sales.

I don't even want to imagine the DLC for this if it was true... only Tecmo is worse with DLC. (Fuck you DOA 5 LR)

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