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Gundam The Origin Part IV
Changes from the original series so far:

Spoiler Show
- Dr. Minovksy was part of the MS project for Zeon, but chose to defect to the Feds. A botched rescue attempt to extract Minovsky resulted in his death.

- Tem Ray was a student of Minovsky's who's working with the Feds and was already developing the Gundam years before the One Year War (the original had him developing the V Project months into the war).

- Anaheim was already developing Mobile Suits with the Guncannon as their creation. They were, however, gravely inferior to the MS-04.

- The main HQ of the Federation was originally stationed in Brazil. But as the One Year War nears, the headquarters was then moved to Jaburo.

- Lalah wasn't a prostitute, but was instead being used by her 'Master' for her Newtype powers to make a living winning money in casinos. She is also sought after by a local mob until Char rescues her and takes her to Zeon.

- Despite the age gap, Zenna Mia accepted Dozle's proposal shortly after the Dawn Rebellion.

- Amuro, Fraw, Hayato, and Kai all attend the same school together. Amuro also discovered the Gundam much earlier and began researching it, obssessively. Amuro never took notice of Fraw's affections towards him, ever, as he is very much an introvert.

So I guess that's it for The Origin, though I hear another set of OAVs are planned and will focus on the Battle of Loum. Revealing that the Feds were already making their own MSes through Anaheim does help partly explain why they get to rollout so many Gundam units during the One Year War, and not just the RX-78.

I still wonder though on the order of Gundams being developed. I could be wrong, but I think the Ground-Type Gundam was already in development and in service before the RX-78 rolled out. While The Origin implies the RX-78 was indeed the very first Gundam unit, given Tem's announcement of the MS to Anaheim, I would think that Anaheim used whatever they can learn of Tem's MS to develop the Ground-Type and later the EZ-8.
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watched it as well, episode 3 was pretty impressive overall it changed my view of Char

for better or worse his character its pretty well done

episode 4 seems like more of a preparation for the series, so episode 4 its the last one? i would like a complete remake of the original gundam now Smile
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Actually according to wikipedia there is a 2 Parter called Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Loum Arc coming this and next year.

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