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Code Geass 10th Anniversary Teaser

Looks like Le-douche is coming back after all.
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Did that OVA series finish yet? Did anyone try the dub?
(11-13-2016, 10:47 AM)ryoga316 Wrote: Looks like Le-douche is coming back after all.

I want that to remain a mystery if he coming back or not as that information would ruin R2's ending.

I'm not expecting much, I doubt it will be an R3. I'll be happy with a small OVA or an TV Side story.
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I'm actually hoping for an animated OZ side story, or a prequel centering on the Emperor and Marianne. I wouldn't be opposed to an R3, it would just mean that the Zero Requiem got hit with the reality stick and fell apart.
They certainty expanded Code Geass universe with Akito movies, there's more things to explain and it might not be Lelouch, bu another character to receive the Geass.

Oz would be nice, don't also have another spin off that's feudal Japan or something?
Its never too late to start loving again

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So yeah.....called it. (Along with most of the other fanbase because it was blatantly obvious in the ending years ago)
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-The 10th Anniversary event tonight confirmed we will be getting a new code geass, that is set a few years after the Zero Requiem. Format is unknown however.
- MC is Lelouch
- it's a sequel
- project name is Revival of Lelouche
- They outright said it, te MC is the REAL Lelouche, not a clone, impersonator, etc.
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Seems like they included Renya into that poster. Is Lelouch time traveling?
Revival of Lelouche.

Don't you need to be dead in order to revive?

Unless they are talking about dead in the public eye.
But Zero is still around and with him stabbing Lelouch on live TV. Lelouche coming back to the eyes of the public would horrified everyone.

I wonder what that revival means?
All I want out of this is that they do not step all over on R2's ending.
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I'm going to watch no matter how much of a clusterfuck R2 was.
EDIT Opps wrong thread...
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