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Code Geass 10th Anniversary Teaser
Code Geass 3 film premiere dates revealed.
Part 1 (Koudo) 10/21
Part 2 (Handou) 02/2018
Part 3 (Oudou) 05/2018

[Image: st5itI7.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Okay I'm kinda confused.
Does that mean the new Show is those 3 Movies or do we get those Movies and a New Show?
Or get ready for a big disappointment because this really looks like just a compilation Movies of the series.
Um... did you guys already forget the initial announcement that had a anime teaser that was set AFTER R2?

If anything, these movie compilations will lead up to the sequel to R2, hopefully also cutting out a lot of fat that was in both seasons. Maybe even alter some things to make more sense.

It would make some sense to make 3 movie compilations to attract new fans and lead them up to the sequel to R2.
those movies are probably compilations, maybe they will do a 4th movie with new content
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

The movies are compilations. "Resurrection " will most likely be the Autumn 2018 rltv series.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Yeah, if there isn't a new Gundam tv show airing in Fall 2018, Geass sequel show might, or maybe Spring 2019. The Geass sequel might be a movie itself or OVA route. Hopefully not OVA given the BS of Akito the Exiled release and production problems...
So the third compilation movie has aired in Japan, and there's a decent number of changes.

Quote:-The Black Knights are far less willing to side with Schneizel during the betrayal scenario and apparently that sequence ends with them being confused about Zero's intentions rather than trying to shoot him down. In other words, they're not as dumb in this portrayal.

-Shirley isn't dead. In fact, she gets a couple of new scenes here and there. Based on that and the details below, it sounds like she might still be relevant in Resurrection.

-Zero Requiem happens but they didn't go for the cart driver theory, at least not explicitly. The epilogue monologue is divided between Shirley and Kallen. We also see C.C. riding off while Lelouch's body is apparently in the hands of Jeremiah and Shirley. It seems they all arranged something with C.C. beforehand about this and even sent her a letter, but the details weren't spelled out. I guess they want to extend the mystery of Lelouch's return until the sequel is ready to air.

-Which means, like the staff have apparently stated, that the movies and Resurrection are supposed to be separate from the TV series. Lelouch did in fact die at the end of the TV series.

-There's a brief cameo for one of the mecha from the Oz manga.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
That's reasonable. Zombie-ing our boy is perhaps a bit disrespectful to his last act - even if the show was, errr, cartoony as it was, and only worth taking so seriously - so that's a decent workaround.

I hope this upcoming thingamabob is fun stupid and not grating stupid.
Well it's not yet known if it's something Lelouche had planned or not, or if it's just Shirely and Orange wanting their king back. Shirely's definitely set up to be a major player in Resurection, especially if she god the epilogue role at the end.

Also many are thinking Oz and Oldrin might get animated.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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