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Super Robot Wars BX Blogness
You can't let any of the forced deploys to die.. Luka can't move till turn 3, i did a foolish play..

on turn 1 i advanced the 4 forced deploys i was just.. used to X and forgot that on this game i didn't upgrade my units at all, the enemies hit my units a lot it was pretty hard to get Alto alive but luckily the Ghosts ignore your units to go direct to Luka  no matter how far he is, not that it toke them more than a single turn to arrive

and get me on a situation like that:
[Image: 9bzAmt9.png]

i had to destroy all the Ghosts on this turn so i burned some SP on the first turn they are annoying to hit, but i managed but a lot of units toke hits, some of them heavy hits already, turn 2 toke its tool.... and i almost toke a game over

[Image: dm32ybA.png]

but the game decided to give Fallsaber a second chance in life.

The Ghosts are infinity and they just keep coming as you blow them, its actually tough, on turn 3 Luka finally have his hacking program finish and its ready to use and disable them but nothing is as simple.. he takes a hit and its 2 SD Gundam, this time they are on the enemy side, they are recognized by his fellows SD Gundams on our side, and a battle is inevitable this time with even more bosses and enemies, the objective change.

Don't let Alto,Falsaber or Galiant be defeated

Destroy all enemies

I Hope that something happens... because i don't think that i can do it, well at least it will be a fun challenge, i'm going plan 1, Age 3 + Rhidee dodge while Michell and Alysha snipe from afar to explode things before they arrive so i have to deal with far less enemies

Its going smoothly so far, i love snipers on SRW games
[Image: Ymks8j1.png]
[Image: CC8Pufi.png]

Now that the enemy army its pretty scattered around the map and now many of them are near my units i can finally fire the big guns, not that i have many at the moment but hey i got Canaria!

[Image: W0hDjjP.png]

well looks like i'm managing somehow.

this part 2 of the map its pretty chaotic, be sure to save SP and hard hitters there's 4 bosses 2 of them are pretty strong, try not to lose units early on the map or clearing it will be hard, you can setup MAP weapons here, its a pretty nice way to gain will, so you can activate Knight Gundam and other units passives to make them fight some bosses, the map is tough but a pretty fun battle, and of course its still not over, there's still like 10 enemy units and the 4 bosses do deal with on the next turn.

as the battle goes on, Hy calls even more automatic reinforcements not only that but he raises some interference field somehow, and now our units are surrounded taking blasts for all directions, Luka says that Sheryl song probably should help us to hit the code that control the things (seriously?) hearing that Alysha's green haired friend begin singing and it helps indeed, the enemies all are dissabled and hit the ground, not having more options Hy deploys and clashes with JoJo its their final showdown they move away from the other units on the battle when Hy leaves his Ship alto goes in it and rescues Sheryl (she is still unconscious)

and the battle continues

Destroy all enemies

Fallsaber Destroyed

this one its pretty big it still continues
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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