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Super Robot Wars BX Blogness
You can't let any of the forced deploys to die.. Luka can't move till turn 3, i did a foolish play..

on turn 1 i advanced the 4 forced deploys i was just.. used to X and forgot that on this game i didn't upgrade my units at all, the enemies hit my units a lot it was pretty hard to get Alto alive but luckily the Ghosts ignore your units to go direct to Luka  no matter how far he is, not that it toke them more than a single turn to arrive

and get me on a situation like that:
[Image: 9bzAmt9.png]

i had to destroy all the Ghosts on this turn so i burned some SP on the first turn they are annoying to hit, but i managed but a lot of units toke hits, some of them heavy hits already, turn 2 toke its tool.... and i almost toke a game over

[Image: dm32ybA.png]

but the game decided to give Fallsaber a second chance in life.

The Ghosts are infinity and they just keep coming as you blow them, its actually tough, on turn 3 Luka finally have his hacking program finish and its ready to use and disable them but nothing is as simple.. he takes a hit and its 2 SD Gundam, this time they are on the enemy side, they are recognized by his fellows SD Gundams on our side, and a battle is inevitable this time with even more bosses and enemies, the objective change.

Don't let Alto,Falsaber or Galiant be defeated

Destroy all enemies

I Hope that something happens... because i don't think that i can do it, well at least it will be a fun challenge, i'm going plan 1, Age 3 + Rhidee dodge while Michell and Alysha snipe from afar to explode things before they arrive so i have to deal with far less enemies

Its going smoothly so far, i love snipers on SRW games
[Image: Ymks8j1.png]
[Image: CC8Pufi.png]

Now that the enemy army its pretty scattered around the map and now many of them are near my units i can finally fire the big guns, not that i have many at the moment but hey i got Canaria!

[Image: W0hDjjP.png]

well looks like i'm managing somehow.

this part 2 of the map its pretty chaotic, be sure to save SP and hard hitters there's 4 bosses 2 of them are pretty strong, try not to lose units early on the map or clearing it will be hard, you can setup MAP weapons here, its a pretty nice way to gain will, so you can activate Knight Gundam and other units passives to make them fight some bosses, the map is tough but a pretty fun battle, and of course its still not over, there's still like 10 enemy units and the 4 bosses do deal with on the next turn.

as the battle goes on, Hy calls even more automatic reinforcements not only that but he raises some interference field somehow, and now our units are surrounded taking blasts for all directions, Luka says that Sheryl song probably should help us to hit the code that control the things (seriously?) hearing that Alysha's green haired friend begin singing and it helps indeed, the enemies all are dissabled and hit the ground, not having more options Hy deploys and clashes with JoJo its their final showdown they move away from the other units on the battle when Hy leaves his Ship alto goes in it and rescues Sheryl (she is still unconscious)

and the battle continues

Destroy all enemies

Fallsaber Destroyed

this one its pretty big it still continues
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Part 2 is pretty crazy there's bosses everywhere all of them with base 35k HP, now 5 boss units to fight.

The OG Enemy appears, he is a sentient robot as well, he has power over fire magic and sorta of uses a Knight design.
[Image: n0CLnmX.png]
[Image: t1E7YdH.png]

he has 50k HP but not huge armor, however by this point you have little SP and too much bosses around probably, i don't know if beating him ends the stage i assumed that it does and focused fire on him he was down on two turns.

then, he heals all his HP and Fallsaber runs to duel him and use its best attack doing no damage at all, he counters Yuuta blow, and Fallsaber trows Yuuta out of the cockpit since things are not looking good, at this point Yuuki get out of the ship and goes running toward her brother on that hot blooded scene that happens on SRW events sometimes, for some reason.. Yuuki scream power down the enemy mech, not only it take out all his energy it also hurts his systems he is forced to retreat.

and the battle goes on since there's more 3 bosses here, after 3 more bosses we are finally done, this a loooong battle, you have to blow everything on the map till the last enemy battleship.

After everything is done, one of the Nadesico operators says that there's more coming

king Marder appears, he says that another huge battle was seen in the valley of the warrior, Jordy is surprised on learning that this is the king, things are far from over here, however..

on the souterrain, Hilmuka menages to find the alien ship that she arrived with, she is a officer from a advanced world that was send to this world know as B3, to observe, however she involves herself with the habitats of the place, and when the UFO gets out of the subterrane (it looks pretty weird BTW) everyone gets pretty surprised, and the alliens inside it are not happy about Hilmuka actions
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

16 Reunion at Sub Zero:

and here we are again intermission, aces changed
[Image: yI9AH8G.png]

with this i might have to reorganize my teams to more efficiency, currently i think that GGG and Mazinger are not as strong as he was when the game started, almost every enemy unit hit them hard now, well formations done. i won't be using doing any upgrade is still doable

~~ Deep space (Near Earth) ~~

Kati and Patrick are receiving a call from they bosses, he is very pleased with the results of her work till now, she managed to locate a ship that 10 years ago was sent to Jupter, Katie however has fell some sense of unfairness in it all, she says that that ship has no living organism on it, and can't explain how they arrived at Jupter at first place, or how they managed to come back with the technology from there, Patrick adds to the conversation explaining Celestial being prior actions to this, where they where active during the Jupter war, and during various other occasions causing a civil war, Katie is sure that they can discover more if they press on, but they should not forget Celestial being.

~~ Earth J place ~~

J says that something fell down on Earth and it finally began to move, if they can reach its core now it might be easier, Fighter Double Zeta enters the room thanking the boy to awaking him from the vulcan crater 2 years ago, the boy however says that he has no need to thank him for anything, WDZ(Warrior double Zeta) says that its a shame for a Agros Knight to be indebted to someone so he will help J on his operation, they will be going to the seas far north on Alma's guidance.

Arriving at the place J's aim is already there for the taking.

[Image: Nsd6Nh0.png]

I already said how i love the maps on this game?

J arrives and, WDZ says that the monster is protected by the pillars making it hard to approach like this, they will have to get near to attack, however on the facility there's already a pretty weird creature (looks like a robot of some sort with green hair i will assume is female) she says that she already knew that she would have problems of this nature, the mining of this facility is on 92% and her mission 99% done, the strange ball on the center of the pillars shoot on J disabling his mech totally, WBZ jumps out before the giant kicks the ground, she assumes that WBZ is unidentified and dangerous since he was not expected, on this moment the rest of our forces appear.

Jojo is confused at what this place is, while Kio knows this as Earth, other characters ask themselves why they where kicked back all the way to Earth, and on this place, however there's no time, J is need of help, not that he is happy to receive Guy's help.

WBZ recognize Knight Alex and ask for his sword on the battle, both SD Gundams March forward as a army of MS appears they have no pilots..

Ciela is our main captain and her plan is to ignore most of the enemies that you can and just open way to the object on the pillars that its probably powering up all the facility.

Map Objective:

Reach The Marked Area

Defeat conditions:

Warrior Double Zeta, GGG or J defeated


it don't look all that bad at the start, but since we just came from another battle there was no time for repair or resupply so all the units have half HP and EN, and you can only deploy half of your forces as well, this is worrisome and means that evading combat is probably real smart here.
[Image: gXw4GJH.png]

Well seems like WBZ can handle himself i can't say the same about most of the supers will half HP and 100 of morale, Rajin Oh is already down at least i have now...

[Image: inQ2Tir.png]

Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Warrior ZZ is the tank of the SD Gundams, yes.

As for Gaogaigar, don’t use it for attacks, use it to proc Dividing Driver every turn (give it a Resupply partner to enable this, the EN+ Botune is best) and let enemies come to it. No ranged attack can break a Guard boosted Protect Wall. (Remember that when you get J in thirteen or so stages.)
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
(05-29-2018, 06:31 AM)Mai Wrote: [Image: inQ2Tir.png]


Is that...a core block shield O.o
he uses it for attacking as well Big Grin


After a while the best decision is to rush destroying the enemies that you can so you can build up morale, just take care with the enemies since they can destroy your units easily by this point, as you breach the point finally GGG dashes in for taking on the core of the construction but its blowe away  by a pretty strong attack that disables the unit, things are looking bad when Yurika orders a bombardment on the pilars, but she is bombarded herself... then friendly fire appear to cover us its Elle Humm

she appears with her battleship and blow the pillars together with the core, she brought with her the rest of the GGG forces, and her own units as well, 2 more Boutunes, and 3 GGG units, but that's not all, because she also has new parts for GGG, that she got from the GGG GQ, Guy use the new parts and we get the first game upgrade and receive the Star Gao Gai Gar, all the original stats go up, the armor, attacks, HP, everything.

the strange girl seeing the facility at shambles is at loss she won't stay to face her new enemies she retreats leaving behind tons of robots without pilots, they are all MS taken from bases of this area, and now the stage turns on into:

"clean all this mess with your shinny new units"

[Image: VELHJTA.png]  
Elle showing her pink powers as well, Alisa found a rival? nevertheless time for some map cleaning
[Image: nnJcjrX.png]
[Image: yC7Roaa.png]
Yeah he is on the game, SRW X omega players probably are fanboy/girling over him now, but calm down boys and girls, he is a normal recruit not a secret Big Grin  , (yes this game is full of Dynamic kills everywhere)

J-Deer reactivates again, you can play with him at this map, he has only 3 attacks, but its pretty strong, he won't stick with your team after the stage, so play with him a little but don't let him hog all the xps, and while we are at hogging xps, remember to not let Elle hog too much xps, as her level is pretty high, and you probably have Frontier and Nadesico at high levels, however... you other ships are probably around lvl 15 or 16 the Age one having a terrible time to hit something so use the stage to get them some levels as all the ships are here.

after clearing the stage you get these new characters:

Big Volfogg
Mic Sounders The Thirteenth
and two Dunbine characters on generic units

due to having a better MAP weapon and high level (probably) Elle ship is more usable than Ciela's one for now, however setting Ciela's as your strategist gives you a insane buff for reals i've been using he for this map since you can't let yourself be hit.

many of you might be asking "how they arrived on earth Mai?" the UFO that Himulka found on the other planet was that impressive, by arriving at the subterrain of the place and freeing them we got a free pass to the planet, Jojo and cia happens to be with us to they came along.

after this you begin part 2 of the game, and you can as well finally name your forces, hope all you people enjoyed part 1 as much as i'm enjoying, but before part 1 end we have epilogue!

Dunbine enemies are on battle with Vegan forces, and they find them pretty weak a woman named Jeanne is praised by her skills in battle by her soldiers, but that don't last shortly after reinforces arrives for the Vegans in form of Hy and others, the battle rages on... on the red planet.

on space our UFO friends that gather data on the planets around the globe are attacked going out of earth but they end up being attacked by a ELS possessed GNX and fall down on Earth all over again.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

NO PILOT sure is the talkative type, huh?
Why would Big Volfogg be secret? He never was in the past, and has been in every game with GGG.
X-O Friend ID:  186471287
(05-31-2018, 06:21 AM)Mai Wrote: Dunbine enemies are on battle with Vegan forces, and they find them pretty weak a woman named Jeanne is praised by her skills in battle by her soldiers, but that don't last shortly after reinforces arrives for the Vegans in form of Hy and others, the battle rages on... on the red planet.

Isn't that the scene where Jeryll Coochibie (the first pilot to go Hyper in Dunbine) is fighting and they are calling her the new Joanne d'Arc ?
Yeah it was that what happened i got confused if the name of the character was Joanne D'arc of if it was a reference, because i never really watched Dunbine.

since its a long weekend we might have some more maps of BX done, on this next days.

next map i can deploy 20 pair apparently, lets me see here the parts real fast, tried to give Yuuta guard levels and in figth he is very bad at this point of the game, and can't really keep up, not real worried about my other units as off now.

------------ (?????? Secret Place of the weird woman) --------------

???? - you finally found it huh?
weird woman - yeah apparently it resides on this land

they keep talking, the robot that talk to the woman tells her that its about time for the beginning and its propitious that they're all fighting each other to notice something, she them says that they must act with care they have no need for a desert world to conquer, they track that Fallsaber was headed to Japan and to celebrate the beginning of their land they will destroy all the place , and the woman take the orders to hearth.

---------- (Earth/Japan)-------------------

The characters established a base, most based on negotiations, Japan is a neutral country on this game, and most of the crew don't know the place, that includes Alelujah and Soma, she says that this place has a different air somewhat calming, and Alelujah say that its good for her.

Celdric brings on about Jupter while talking with Volfogg, he begins talking about the ship that was sent there ages ago and never returned, Shanalua also begins to talk that it would be probably impossible to return but recently he Federation has found a ship from that much time ago, they go on, while JoJo and the Galient crew are trying to understand the place, everyone has a little line about how this place is different from their homeland, some says its refreshing, Shou think that its a little strange for him, the plac fells to peaceful now and for some reason that bothers him, Shanalua them says that someone is up there some training maybe he should join.

Knight Gundam is having the time of his life with the children of the city

K Gundam - May the sun illuminate our future, welcome to the defense force memorial base!

the children are very happy seeing the SD Gundams, while into it they try to well get a living since food don't get on your food by itself, Alex Gundam is teaching the children lessons about justice, moral and character, while the Macross girls are seeling toys of mobily suits, Akito is with her and he can't really advertise the thing, that's not a problem for the girl at all that advertise the GNX IV toy with trans-am and all.

looking them, Yuuki (the Mazinger one) smiles seeing that love is that strange, Yurika says that Akito is like that since he returned and the other adult womans that are singles on the ship get mocked by Ruri that says that says that is probably complex to understand adult relationships, she begins talking with Michell (run Ruri!), among the children is Shiro that have a friend with him, her name is Lorelai he is german, and its traveling just moving to don't know the place, Kouji and Sayaka are happy to show her around, but Sayaka of course scold Shiro for going out alone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Macross Frontier (Sick Bay)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sherryl is still out cold, Yuuki (Og one) says that its really sad that she is on this situation even tough they could rescue her, she get the answer that Sheryll body toke too many drugs on the recent years, and that leaved her like that she is weak now, Alto says that she will make it Sherryl is strong she will move again he is sure of it, while a it Yuuki  ask about Mina that's taking care of Sherryl, Mina says that she remembers Sherryl well and will take care of her, alto thanks her, she them goes on talking about her experiences on the past years before meting Leon and Alisha.

The characters begin chatting about the mysterious UFO that they found, and where i went, many of them wants to enters the spaceship and see how its inside, on a place Himulka thinks by herself that little they know that they crashed.

she goes meet her alien friend, she begins to explain to him that the better way to protect a place its to intervene when needed, she is scolded because her mission was only observe or moderate intervene never directly, she says that it was necessary and it still is, them he says to her to keep in mind that this place in on grave danger now...

On Louise home she is resting with Sanji when someone call the door, a clone of Almark he spread a virus to everyone on that house.

Himulka is told that they should leave Earth immediately it already began to spread, and this place is done for, Himulka however will stay here, while they argue she sees fire and her a explosion.

Map 17 Make everyone hearts one

Soma fells something ominous from those MS... and Ciela ask what she fells, but before she can talk Ciela ship is shoot, she orders a sortie and to protect the city, the crew deploys under heavy fire.

Objective - destroy all enemies
Lose - FalSaber destroyed, Rajinoh Destroyed
forced deploys - Falsaber,Ranjinoh

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