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Super Robot Wars BX Blogness
(11-10-2016, 07:46 AM)thebigb Wrote: Alto has never once being a good unit in any SRW game show far, all the other Froniter units have just been better.

Now that's just flat out wrong.  He's good in L, OE, Z2-2, maybe Z3 - dunno - and both UX and BX.  It's just in BX he kept getting really unlucky for me, and so had issues until I gave him my first Half Cut and he worked out fine.

(As an aside, Half Cut's kind of silly in a normal game, but in a game like BX where it's not taking away other skills it's pretty nice to have.)
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Map 5:

Bell of the Beginnings

We arrive at the colony finally, and its indeed on attack, the situation is dire they're being attacked by a joint attack by Jovian forces and Vagan, news for us the colony is still on one piece, as they are being defended by the Union forces, on their shiny new GXIII

however a big mecha is leading the army the name of the commander is Zanald Beihart (i don't have watched Age 3 so many things can and probably will be wrong about the name of the characters) Beihart is a high commander of the Vagan forces, he will have that colony into dust and no one is stooping him, a lot of units blow, there no reasoning with him just battle.


the map its not hard however Beihart have more than 30k hp, and hit for a lot of damage, he also will aim your weaker units, and he can blow most of them with one attack so i advice to evade him and only duel him with GGG or Kouji, when we are battling suddenly more Jovians appears and we only hear a big explosion, the colony its no more, Beihart its not satisfied yet, and more Jovians appears on the lower half of the map.

you can send Aisha and Leon to deal with those, they are enough the rest of your units shall clear way and don't forget to keep hitting the boss, on some turns the Nadesico will pop out to help exploding some Jovian forces.

and while its pretty nice to hear "you get to burning" i always used the Nadesico units only to hear this theme, the BX version its pretty awesome, as always the Asties can't go very far from the ship, they're also suck hard for now, so try not go too happy on the boss, he can kill ANY of them in a single hit, so use them to fight the enemies.

when into it change everyone theme to you get to burning.

when you reduce Beihart hp to 8k he will receive a call from Fezarl Ezelcant himself, he retreats them.


that boss was awesome i hope that more of the boss units are like that, he use all his weapons and his animations are incredible as well, and he its not easy at all, i almost lose GGG, the other units did ridiculous damage and would be destroyed on his counters, i hope to see him again more times.

finally we are done and the characters chat with the Nadesico crew that meh are joining us, the colony blew up and things where crapy here so we are returning to earth for now.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Nadesico even has two versions of You Get To Burning, like Linebarrel did in UX except one isn't event only. The problem is UX and BX maxed at four themes per show, and the other two were Naze Nani Nadesico... And "Go Aestivalis". Which is still shit.
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(11-10-2016, 06:42 AM)Mai Wrote: but before anything a lot of Varja appears and Alto is fighting them, and Alto blows,  game over for me O_o, ok i totally shall retreat Alto from there next time, ok game is great, first game over on map 4, that's a first for me.

It's Vajra, a weapon and a symbol in Hinduism (
[Image: ?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftriangulations.files.wor...ra.jpg&f=1]
You can sort of see the graphic inspiration, especially in mooks.
Oh i didn't knew, SRW its also culture :O

Map 6: The Invincible Gatai (combination) Robo

Miccot and Banaher are talking while aboard a travel for their school (school on space its pretty cool), one of Banagher friends talk about the Vagans and Ms, Banagher don't appreciate war a lot, Miccot also don't enjoy and they keep chatting until they arrive on the spot time for class.

back on Earth we are on GGG, Mikoto greets us for the work even if the colony blew up, no one its very happy, and a serious meeting begin something must be done, but before long GGG headquarters are attacked its a huge attack and we are forced to deploy.


outside weird robots wait us, they are not on big number, however this is a trick stage..., all our units have half hp only, and 90 of will, its very easy to lose units here abuse the Valkyries to survive the stage. its a little annoying i got 2 game overs one by Alto blowing up and other by Falsaber blowing up.

after you blow 5 enemies Rajinoh will appear on the boton of the map after enemy reinforcements, this help a lot, but take care, the enemies CAN destroy Rajin oh if they are lucky, since it have 6500 hp and the enemies hit for 2k or so, and there's 6 or so of them near it.

Steall and counter dealing damage finish with you other units, after this, Mikoto wars us that a big energy reading is comm... BOOOOOOOOM!

GGG Headquarters and a lot of the city blew up, and its totally screwed 3 weird enemies appear, they are like pink giant cylinders that fire lasers, Guy try to stops them but fails, GGG take a lot of hits and its disabled heaven and hell also don't work things looks grin

[Image: bIqYoPB.png]

when Soldad J appears to save the day, apparently we have to destroy the core of the things or they will not explode at all, however the damage was too big.

Map 7: Something to Protect

Guy was very hurt, and the characters are still thinking about what they do now, no one really expected a attack like that, them Yurika appears with Ruri to lend a hand, and we move to the Nadesico.

Akatuki talks too alto that his unit was damaged and he have to use another for the time being, also GGG its out of commission for now, people from GGG facility survived (the important ones that is...)

after this Akito talks with the other characters and everyone chat.

the scene change to a bed, Guy awakens the repairs are not done yet so he will rest more, but we don't have many time since a city is being attacked.

(playing the map now :O )

hey didn't knew that the battle system was a twin system
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

L's twin system was upgraded into UX's, UX's was slightly altered into BX's.
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With the job done.... and a rough month i can sit back and relax for the rest of the year it was a hard month, but its all okay now, back to BX it is, i quicksaved on map 7.


The stage has numerous Nadesico enemies, and only Nadesico enemies, Ruri warn the characters that some of them can bosom jump (or something its like a teleport or something like that), they can get annoying, both bosses will rush to you encounter, Alto its Paired with Youta, so to not make things worse just swap Alto valkyrie to mecha mode, this one its apparently better than the last one that he starts.

just blow the enemies on your way, on turn 3 the enemies will begin to boson jump and attack and this make attack them pretty hard, being hard to aim its pretty problematic but Ruri menages to hit one of them and after this the other one and they are forced to stop, both bosses begin their assault again, the Aesties have a new frame.

[Image: L8uHn5U.png]
I'm all for exploding things with this new Aesties
[Image: G12nUTO.png]
The distortion field attack its pretty good, and you should abuse it, this is Hikaru diving on her problems heard on

After we blow one enemy he go back and begin to attack and boson jump again, them Akito launches and grab the enemy and he stop him and bosom jump him to oblivion, doing that its pretty dangerous and no one knows if he will come back apparently, on the ruckus Guy launch as well, GGG is already fixed.

after all we are back on the Nadesico, Akito contact Yurika saying that he is okay just well guys is on space you know problems, shortly after this we have another problem, we have to take Akito back, but its not really safe to send everyone there, so 2 parties it will be.

one of them will go to space, the other stays on the earth, S.M.S and the Aesties go to space, the supers stay on earth i decide to do the supers route since the supers on this game are awesome.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Space Route has AKITO AND JISBEL, ROMANTICS FOR NO REASON as well as an early cameo of the Lunar Frame, and the first Unicorn stage featuring the thing going NT-D, and a look at Celestial Being featuring the early game UX squad (00 Raiser and Dynames Repair.). And Fencer Zeta joins Celestial Being. And you get none of them.

Earth Route is the start of AGE Gen 3's plot featuring an absurdly gimped AGE 3 and getting Wingle, and then getting Raijin-Oh and AGE 3 becoming slightly less gimped.
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Map 8:

Grandpa's Gundam

We are back on the Nadesico finishing things to depart, our destiny its Oliver notes, we will meet with the feds the earth (wonder if the age feds are allied with the Gundam OO feds), Captain Yuuki will be coming with us, she states that her machine is ready since the last attack wiped out the squad that she was member and she can finally help on the battlefield ( i didn't really expected Yuuki to pilot something), she in fact has a Squad of soldiers called Death Caprice Squad (or something).

The scene changes to where we can see Mineva Zabi having a flashback of events that already happened with her on a colony, she remembers refusing Banagher Links offer to help her, as well as all the incident that happened on the Vista house, she was trying to make the Box don't arrive at Neon Zeon hands, she believes that her people its not ready, things don't go as the Princess wanted as she is much more of a figure head on the game, and no one really respects her apparently, she is followed by lowly soldier on the streets as she get away, but the box would be delivered, however Zeon fell tricked and shoot Cardinal Vista, on his last moments the colony is attacked he reveal that he is Bahagher father as he board the Unicorn Gundam.

we are now on Oliver Notes, and there we meet two fed pilots one of them its Shanalua and the Other is Seric, both of them receive the GGG help and will take all our party to meet the captain of the Diva, that is in fact a girl.

Kio Asuno is talking with a friend, apparently he is the son of Asemu Asuno but not see his father a lot, aboard the ship we all meet, minus Kio, there's also another pilot called Obrigth,  he explain to us that hey been fighting Vagan for quite some time and that the situation is getting dire by the day.

on another place Zehart appears ordering Behart and receiving a report, since the enemy fought Behart and survived now he want to see it himself, with his X rounder power (or whatever this is).

city is attacked and a lot of civilians already died, more two are about to die by Vagans when Yuuki appears and save them, we deploy.


there's a HUUUGE number of enemies so take care this map is hard, we get some new units, Shanalua,Seric and Obright join, but that's not all holding the enemies for us there's Yuuki and her squad her machine is called Wingle, for the looks is apparently from Mazinger or something. (don't quote me on that)

Yuuki order the other 3 members of her squad (all females) to help evacuate the city, that its a total chaos.

after some enemies blowed, more 16 enemies will appear, on north and south of the map, this is a battle of attrition and survival, take care and use support defense a lot.

Shanalua is baaaad Lunamaria levels of bad, Seric its okay, Obright its pretty decent.
[Image: SMBNaNq.png]
[Image: vcBPi34.png]

Yuuki Machine is quite weird, the enemies that appear on North and South, make jokes with the girls on the party, Yuuki its not amused and things where already looking bad, its a lot of enemies.
[Image: mgS6OGv.png]

[Image: btHrV9I.png]

Suddenly Yuuki Squad returns, they will help with the fight for now on, or not because all of them blow in a second and Zehart pops up, he has 40k HP and we have to defeat him, thins are not looking good for any of my units, everyone was with this of HP:

[Image: rCwOKo5.png]
Yuuki heal herself per turn, and that's awesome

Try to explode the enemies that you can and hit Zehart with all that you have, you have explode him, it might look very hard, but its pretty manageable.

after its defeat he heals himself and shoot our units them Flit Asuno launches on a strange machine that its shooted down by Zehart, them Kio launches and form the Age 3, he them shoots Zehart machine and Zehart thinks he is a X rounder, he is annoyed that he didn't found Asemu (oh i am as well).

after this Kio joins with Age 3 (that has only 3 attacks, this thing must suck)
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Age 3 is missing attacks right now.

Yuuki heals herself each turn because she has Repair and it's a squad based game. Did you not notice Sayaka with that?

Shanalua is a lot better when you pair her with someone with similar range who can't fly. And there are a lot of them.

They are the Death's Caprice Squad because they came from Death's Caprice. Unfortunately their machines are wrecked, but you'll get them back later.
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