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SNK General Thread
@Mai is this for real?!

[Image: CjfC5weUkAA0MOI.jpg]
New Game Teaser

KOVXV? Garou2? or a new Samurai game?

A New Dawn Rises have a Samurai Showdown vibe to it.
New interview with Oda (just before the new Samurai Spirits Announcement)

- SNK Heroines story is cannon and set in the same universe as KOFXIV
Shermie is alive,  Yashiro and Chris too!  They are back because of Verse...
SNK Chairman Not Happy With KOFXIV Graphics Bets On KOFXV With UE4
While not incorrect, it is funny to see him shit on KOFXIV when they're apparently porting it to Switch and Xbox One.
From SNK IPO conference, some new titles information revealed officially.


1. A New "Samurai Shodown" is being developed for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, on 2019 Q2

2. KOF XV is being planned on 2020.

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