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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Before noon my boss called and needed me to go somewhere with yesterday's unfinished business w a client so I had to drop the gig. Good thing a co-worker was available and reluctantly accepted the job w a bit of nagging. 
So, 15 minutes in the client's shop he gave me a tip equals what I would have earned delivering flowers the whole day. Told me it's to make up for yesterday. 
So soon as I know my boss got what she needed, I went awol from work, dropped the flower business and went home.
Turns out I really needed the sleep. I slept 4 hours in the afternoon. I usually get lazy when my body severly needs to rest.
Later Imma show up in the office to log out so I can get to be eligible for a day's pay. Naughty me Big Grin
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Galciv prologue. Awesome story, makes me want to play it again
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Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings

Quote:US President Donald Trump has said arming teachers could prevent school shootings like that which left 17 people dead last week in Florida.

A staff member with a gun could end an attack "very quickly", he said.

What the actual fsck?!?
Really? Adding MORE guns is the solution here?!?
I doubt having an underpaid, undertrained people with guns would be able to stop some lunatic with assault rifle "very quickly".
Stress for the teacher because he has a gun and there's 30 students in the classroom at a time.
Stress for the students because the teacher has a fucking gun.
This stupid policy is endangering more students!
And now he wants to ban violent video games and movies.

It would be fun if it is easier to buy guns than videogames in USA lol.
Well, look at how fast the program got approved.

Quote:Voting along party lines, the House Appropriations Committee approved training teachers to carry guns in class under the direction of local law enforcement — if superintendents or school boards approve.

10 marshals (teachers trained to carry a gun) in every school, which would equate to 37,000 statewide. The state would cover the costs of background checks, drug testing, psychological exams and 132 hours of training. The bill does provide a one-time $500 stipend for those who volunteer to have a gun.
Michigan this time:
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
I just had the most unusual wrong number call.....from Square-Enix.........Da Fuq?
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
Stephen Hawking has passed
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This some funny shit

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I cannot decide which between pizZa and chocolate is the most delicious food Big Grin
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