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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Before noon my boss called and needed me to go somewhere with yesterday's unfinished business w a client so I had to drop the gig. Good thing a co-worker was available and reluctantly accepted the job w a bit of nagging. 
So, 15 minutes in the client's shop he gave me a tip equals what I would have earned delivering flowers the whole day. Told me it's to make up for yesterday. 
So soon as I know my boss got what she needed, I went awol from work, dropped the flower business and went home.
Turns out I really needed the sleep. I slept 4 hours in the afternoon. I usually get lazy when my body severly needs to rest.
Later Imma show up in the office to log out so I can get to be eligible for a day's pay. Naughty me Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Galciv prologue. Awesome story, makes me want to play it again
Mega Nutrients

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