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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Anyone know any good website blockers for mobile and Browser? I think I need a good break from the internet. People are making big deals out of nothing.
You mean ad blockers? Why would you need a website blocker?
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Blacklisting certain sites that I used to visit so I don't get redirects but I figured out how to anyway. The option wasn't very obvious. Was buried underneath under a bunch of other options.
Keith Flint has died at 49

King Kong Bundy and Sideshow Luke Perry also died yesterday.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
So yeah you probably heard about the Article 13 EU thing? Yeah that got passed.
It also turns out the reason my Country Germany backed it was ... because of fucking Gas. No joke. They made a Deal with France about the Nordstream 2 Pipeline.

You can't even remotely imagine how <beep>ing angry I am right now, those people haven't even the slightest inkling what they have done.
Not worth to make a whole topic for it but still:

They got it right for this one, wish they did the same for The Origins ...
^Wut the lol
To be fair, this isn't the first time Hello Kitty did a collab with a mecha series...
"Return to 'zero'!!"

X-Omega: 108757927
This one is almost too cruel for the fans:

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