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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
No more rom hosting on emuparadise. Mostly because of Nintendo (again).
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Welcome back to 2001, ya spoiled brats!!
Are there other rom-hosting sites?
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People out there losin' their damn minds over this.

This is just folks getting shaken out of complacency - Emuparadise made it SUPER easy to get roms. Without Emuparadise it's just...regular easy. But this one lasted so long I guess people either never experienced or don't remember how it was before, where you...maybe sometimes had to look a few quick minutes longer to get a thing. And of course now it's made easier by how you can have multiple complete rom sets on a damn flash drive.
There will always be other Rom sites out there, Nintendo can try all they want to crack down on this but given their backwards belief at making their older games available people have no choice but to depend on Roms to play all kinds of games because either they can't play it on any current system, or that some of these games are far too expensive to purchase even for systems they already own...
To be honest, the problem isn't that a popular and easy to use romsite got shutdown, it's that Nintendo has been aggressively going after them this year. Torrents aren't a reliable option, it requires a seed and not everyone wants to download the whole rom set.

Taking down these sites is like trying to block these games from being played anymore for people. Even with shitty VC or the NES/SNES classics you have a very small selection of games to officially buy, leaving the vast majority of the library missing unless you download roms. Many of these games couldn't even be released anymore anyway, thanks to various studios shutting down etc.

That's ignoring the more obscure consoles that will never have rereleases, 3DO. Wonderswan, Neogeo Pocket, Sega Saturn, etc.
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Tonight I've learned that everything I thought I knew in life, was a goddamn lie......
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Yyyyeah, but even then it's just a matter of it being a while since Nintendo last spooked anyone - it was already pretty common for certain rom sites to put up everything except first party Nintendo games specifically, to avoid their gaze. There used to be an assumption that this kind of thing would happen.

I mean, I get how roms in general are the only way these games have been preserved for the most part, but the reaction to losing this one site and one or two lesser reminds me of how people got so used to using Megaupload for everything and freaked out when that went down, like their basic human rights had been violated. And then there ended up being plenty of other ways to get stuff, and people forgot about it.
Reaction to the Rom site being taken down is a bit too much I too agree, but Nintendo's policy of making older games available especially with their lackluster Virtual Console isn't making things any better. I have almost no faith in Nintendo to make that work well, since they are pretty late to online systems compared to their 2 biggest competitors that have had a working online system 2 generations ago.

When it comes to licensing certain games I can fully understand why Nintendo can't make those available again but given the very large 1st party games that Nintendo has isn't making things better either... I have little hope that Nintendo will put Gamecube, GBA or DS games on the Switch Virtual Console or whatever Online crap they are working on... I actually don't care for Nintendo's 64 games, those are far overrated more than anything else.
(08-12-2018, 04:05 PM)Top Nep Wrote: Tonight I've learned that everything I thought I knew in life, was a goddamn lie......

That page doesn't exist.  What'd it say?
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