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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
I'm not familiar with this, but shouldn't you file a police report and call her bank/credit card company?
We did. But some places still charge, and the according to a friend who works there the fact that they went to sams, where they charged almost 1000 dollars, and didn't get asked for ID (employee rules are they take your card, place it on the registers and compare the picture to yours) alludes tothe fact that whoever the cashiere was was in on it.

Hopfully the police do something fast because it should be easy to track down when and where and who was logged into the register at that exact time.

On a plus side though I've had an insane luck streak in FGO. Ive gotten more 5 stars in the 3 weeks then I have in the last 2 years.
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FGO? Whats that?
Fate Grand Order, a mobile game based off of the Fate/ franchise.
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Aye. It's getting a massive publicity push here in L.A. right now for the Anime Expo. Pun rightfully intended.
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Huh, LA becomes FGO land first before LeBron land
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There's also more buses. Like one for the the extremely limited servants you'll never get, especially MHX because she only got 1 rate up in 2 years.
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