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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Grats for being able to endure it.

I'm at the point where I need to start getting my life under control as well with a bit of self control. Both mentally but also physically. I didn't realize it till a few weeks ago but my health and physical shape have gotten way out of control. I was always a bit on the heavier set side but then recently I had noticed I'd gone beyond that and I almost can't even stand the look of myself in the mirror.

I was a bit motivated the other day though. I saw one of my old professors by chance. back then, he was in terrible shape, needed to get several surgeries, and his health was pretty bad to begin with. But when I saw him the other day, holy shit, he looked amazing for a man in his 80s. He was fit, able, no longer had a walker to help him move, it was insane. To where if I'd ever get in a fight with old man he'd wreck my ass instantly. (Though in my defense he was former military and in in charge of Nukes during the 60-70s.)

Well, after 3 hours I finally took teh gauze out, spat out a bunch but at lesat the bloods stopped. Also finally watched John Wick. Fun movie, nice choreography, and music ques. Now on to 2.
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Hah...I just realized a flaw in this whole dental surgery recovery thing...Which is I can't eat for like a day. And as it is, I havn't eaten in about 30 hours now. And on top of that, the pain killers (norco) have to be taken with food.
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Can't you have mashed type food like mashed potatoes? That should be easier to eat at least, right?
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XD, that's actually what I ate!

I found them in the fridge after Strabo at the Guild mentioned the same thing about soft foods like pudding and apple sauce, which was what I was looking for when I saw the potatoes. (Family bought chicken for dinner) After those and some of the others I'm fine for at least half a day, and managed to take the pills too. Now I just have to pass out. I'm actually really close to and have a few times but I keep waking up.

I'm mainly worried because they said I'll most likely wake up randomly with my mouth leaking blood, and for when that happens to be sure to have a towel or something over my pillow. I kinda just bought new matresses a month ago after having my old ones for 10 years so I kinda don't want to ruin them already. XD

By tomorrow I might be able to eat other foods, but for the sake of paranoia I'll probably stick to the mushy stuff. I don't want to eat anything greasy until I'm a little more healed.
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Was able to get out today so I followed up on what you and Strabo said, and got a few more mushy foods, jellows, etc.

[Image: vsGgt7h.jpg]

>Didn't notice till I took the picture they were sugar free

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So the FBI issued a warning, something about a Russian virus that affects routers. I don't know the details but if you want to google this, the name of the virus is "VPNFilter".
Anyone know more about this? Confused
Something random: Super Robot Wars D, among a handful of other random GBA games, showed up on AmiAmi's regionally limited section recently (usually these are things like prizes figures being made available to purchasers outside of Japan). Not sure what the deal with that is, but maybe of interest to some of you collectors.
Update to my previous post.
Here's the wikipedia article on it:

It has a list of routers that are affected, it also says what to do if you have one.
If your router is using the default username and password you might want to look into this.
Yesterday I got to meat one of my child hood heroes!
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Hey wtf this board just called me a posting freak. Well, freak you too!

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