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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Ugh, one of my damn crowns fell off last night. I'm HOPEING it fell off, if it broke off, I'm fucked. I can feel the post still in place where it should go but I can't tell if it's supposed to feel that way or it's fully snapped in a part.

Even just getting it glued back in will cost a fortune because america's pricing for anything dental or medical if beyond retarded compared to literally anywhere else in the world.

TO make matters worse it was a side tooth that was what I primarily used to chew. And and not as bad but sorta as bad is now I can't find my damn ear phones....
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Seriously why is it that expensive? whats the big deal?!
I have friends that travels to other countries whenever they need to treat their teeth.
Heading back to Japan in 2 weeks for EVO Japan

Gotta get some practice in
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A few more subs and I hit the 2k subscribers mark.
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you've been staked.
(01-11-2018, 02:19 AM)Khrysler Jerikho Wrote: Heading back to Japan in 2 weeks for EVO Japan

Gotta get some practice in

Which  title are you competing in?
^^^ Yea I didnt know u play pro Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Damn... lately it seems there's been more spam users with spam posts... I've reported 3 this week from what I can remember...
We've had 3 in like the last day alone. 2 within hours of each other. This was the reason I had to close registrations at the guild. Well, not close but now admin aproval is needed. My problem is I rarely log into the admin panal to see the new requests, and when I do, I get worried if they're bots or not....

Yazi should register there I have someone else to nag at when it comes to Bamco >.>
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I'm good, lol. I don't visit too many forums... just this and one more and that's about it.

But yeah, we should start closing registration or maybe limit registration or something like how we did a couple of years ago... these spam users are getting out of control these days...
I tinkered with some anti spam settings, let's see if it worked.
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