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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Well, it already burned down to ashes. The site will never be the same again.
This is so wrong.
Seriously, lets talk about this.
What if she is lying, troubles in relationships happens people, what if she is twisting the truth, i understand that she went for maximum damage (whether what she said is true or not is not the point at this instant) but what are we? Sheep?
Even if thats how the majority of the public would react, i refuse to go with the flow, most people are intimidated, they don't wanna show the smallest doubt is her story because they are fearing been labeled or associated with him and we are not talking about real life here, we are worried about our users images too.

But would it matter either way.
The damage is done.
This is so wrong.
User on Neogaf said his sister was assaulted sexually
Ends up the user was the girl who said it was evilore
what happen was is that everything on the site was shut down and many of the mods stepped down.
It wasn't the first time evilore has done this crap.

Neogaf was a decent place I posted there a few times, fact the place turned into a SJW Radical liberal website started when the shit heads alt right started triggering them, so on neogaf there was no gray area, if you didn't agree with their rhetoric they would literally ban you. I distanced my self from the site and moved to reddit when that was happening.

Hopefully Neogaf will be under a better management in the future.
its incredible how people still find arguments to support or try to justify this sorta of thing.

humans are really rotten, thanks for bringing up what happened Guntank

its like i always say its easy to accuse some inexistent girls of something, it was always weird, those SJW people acted very very suspicious i hope the trend dies slowly from where it never should have risen, want to fight for social justice, go do it on real life, forget video games, that's too easy, too bizzare, its too easy to go on the internet, and make a video about some unimportant stuff, i'm sure that you can find social organizations needing your help.

instead all those clowns with their "look at that character clothes", like they never go out on the streets
Its never too late to start loving again
[Image: OHVNQwB.png]

I know generalizing Neogaf as a SJW place is wrong but that is how it often felt
1 Hour of Darkness: Whatsapp was down earlier for everyone.
I had to use the dump called FB messenger to talk to my group lol.
Its been down for a month or so in China.
You can always use a paid vpn, i know its not secure but you gonna do right.
Oh great, we got a spammer in Arabic. Ace, ice him!
LOL What? seriously, Whats that about?!!
I dunno. The admin worked very fast in clearing the debris. XD

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