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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
Several months have disappeared again. And turkey happened the day before yesterday. *headscratch* Time flies. I am a little disappointed in myself that I have Pokémon Moon (and the strategy guide), but have not played it yet.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

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The newlyweds will live with us for a month. I had to move the PS3 to the bedroom. TV is only 24 inches. Too small. Hard to watch movement in fighting games and read text in most games. HD gaming has its disadvantages.

Reminds me, It's just a bit more than 5 years ago when I was too happy replacing my 17" PC monitor with a 21" and we was like "wow the bootleg dvd rip movies look great in 21 inches". Now we don't settle below 1k. 

Which also reminds me. A friend refused to watch Boys on the Run cos it's not at least 1080p and he's used to watching in his 4k TV. He says 720p and below are ugly haha  Big Grin

Edit: Well, he's rich and single. Prefers to date younger women too like we were still young. I on the other hand enjoys having gray hair a decade too soon. haha Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
My PC mother board is dying again. No cash for a new one and my cpu is really obsolete that available replacements are only available online with + in price. 

Luckily, the only rl friend I got left will be upgrading 2 dozen units within the week. He said he can give me a used pair of AMD board and processor. He says they might not perform as good as mine cos the units are 4 years old. I said mine is an Intel but it's 8 years old so his 4-year old replacement will definitely be faster  Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
O great. The forum is back online.
Wtf is this?
[Image: 15418485_12715861896tiuc4.jpeg]
Just another one of those parody pics. What the base series for the girls that become Gundams is, I couldn't tell you, though.
I notice that some of them have gun turrets. Maybe it's from that anime/manga about warship girls?
I think it's from the same guy who did the Mobile Suit Blade manga and fan art (the one who is a crossover between Queen's Blade and Gundam)
That's definitely Kongou and Shimakaze on the middle line
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
^Haha, you're right. It seems to be a parody from Kancolle.
But I do like the uber cute Guntanks on the side. XD

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