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Gundam IronBlooded Orphans General
Well that's the thing, historically speaking, many leaders started off that way only to become tyrants, corrupt, losing sight of their original reasons etc. Orga will most likely be the same, even if not right n9w, then his descendants. 8ts literally the situation they already told with Gallihorn.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

I feel with Orga, given this crappy situation that even if he didn't make the deal with McGillis for the King of Mars thing, Jasley would've tried to screw him and the Turbines no matter what with how powerful Tekkadan becomes. McGillis seems to fit in the category of potentially becoming a tyrant given how we've seen now with his childhood and the thirst for power, especially to control the world as he sees it. Orga we've seen he wants Tekkadan in a better place and their power can will improve their living in Mars. But that does come at a cost given they will make more enemies... its a possibility that Orga can go power hungry or maybe he won't... Maybe he'll die young with good intentions or retire from Tekkadan after completing his goals... you never know...
I shed a bit of tears in this episode of IBO. This is mainly because for Tekkadan it is probably their last battle, and yet they are both outnumbered and outgunned. So we know not all of them are going to make it. There are 8 known pilots within Tekkadan (9 if we include Orga). I can't help but sense a vibe from the movie Seven Samurai with the team and feel we would lose at least half of them. I have grown quite an attachment to the group and it will be seriously gut wrenching for any of them to bite the dust.

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I know Okada loves tragedy, but for once I do want her to give Mika and Atra a happy ending. Mika at the very least is showing some signs of humanity as he expresses his own feelings for Atra. Kudelia appears to have finally accepted letting Atra take Mika while she fully concentrates on her company. Surprised she hasn't taken Makanai's offer yet, but the possibility is still there.

The only thing I didn't like is that whoever controls Bael controls Gjallarhorn. I am with Rustal on this in that it is entirely not practical that a leader of a faction is chosen in that manner and expect everyone to follow him without question. This is the far future after all, not King Arthur's time period.

On the other hand, Gjallarhorn's system has been through tradition for over 300 years. So to break the tradition would also mean breaking the system. It was wise for the other Seven Stars to declare neutrality and let McGillis and Rustal settle the fight themselves. All of these are an ode to the Fed/Zeon conflict, as both sides are known to pull a bunch of atrocities for their cause, making you really think hard on who you side with.

I would assume this will be the last time we see Almiria. I'm ok with this, as the series barely did anything to her character. Though had McGillis decided to have her under Mika's custody, that would make some interesting stories on how Almiria would interact with someone like him and the rest of Tekkadan.

You know, I never had this strong of a feeling in a Gundam series for a very long time, with the last one being the first Build Fighters, as well as War in The Pocket much much earlier. I am personally this close to giving IBO not just a full five out of five, but would declare it as the greatest Gundam series of all time. It's all the matter of how these final episodes will be turning out.
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Yep, next ep is going to be a bloodbath and a good number of named characters will die either next ep or in the next couple of eps... We've got around 4 or 5 eps left.
... I still think something unexpected is going to happen.
Why? Because we still have 6 Episodes Left, too many considering how fast Battles usually get resolved in this show.
Yeah, and I hope it doesn't involve a two episode epilogue or something.
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