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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
hello: as I move quennie to the back for anything, she gets shot dead. How do you guys move her? she's level 75. Also, I see in the videos people doing a lot of damage (15.000 with the blaster van reis). I do like 3.000 with each shot. Does being level 80 help that much?

honey just dies instantly too :/
It's quite simple : you don't move her. Let her attack the Boss. Same with honey.

Do you have an evasion boost as leader ability ? Also : use seishins that increase evasion if needed, until both units hit enough times to be out of reach.
oh, ill look for one, maybe it was that. Im pretty sure I did one have equipped. The bugs dont kill them? Maaan, I hope I just happen to get an emel someday. Thanks :)
Daamn, I already had the right set up but did damage too slowly. Not too slowly but not fast enough. I have the zegapain doing damage (65), gundam f91 (75) or alto and sherryl (60), queenie (75) and the 00 quanta (60) paralyzing. my honey is just level 60 so she does very little damage.

Ill limit break my zegapain unit to see if it does more. I also use that blue ninja guy from king gainer. Does put in a bit of work.
Oh yeah I assumed you had Queenie and Honey at 80 ... Sorry bro
No problem, thanks for the strats Smile JUST DID IT. I used that exact same team but with level 80 zegapain. Queenie did just fine at 75. Thanks, couldn't have done it with it.
Congrats Smile If you need strats for the next stages, just ask Smile
Thanks, the rest were pretty easy. Stage 27 was really the thoughest challenge so far.
I'm still stuck on VS 33 EX-stage. I really can't motivate myself to upgrade units just to farm it every month, just because I think I'll get lucky enough for devs to switch stage as soon as I'll get my team ready Smile

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