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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
VS 25

I finally get to wave 3!!!
The Zondar Boss HP bar is no longer Red and there is nothing left and it's still alive and then killed my entire team

At least, I know I can clear this stage.

I don't want to know what 26 will be like.



[Image: KI6kr80g.jpg]

[Image: knvGXFTg.jpg]

At least this isn't an RNG stage, so I will be happy doing this stage again.

Voltes V - Leadership and Stun wave 1
00 - Kill Bosses
Yoko - Kill Bosses
Fail - Cores
Blood - Stop anyone from attacking
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Hey, he ended up being useful. I still want Kuroko :1

Waves 1 and 2 (The reason I stalled isbecause I was waiting for Touma(Wave1) and Rusty(Wave 2)'s spirit commands to recover.

Wave 3

Wave 3 is hard. You have to manage the action gauge of the midbosses and manage the cores if you can't beat Kougai fast enough. She uses her special attack when she has 5 cores, so I had to let the others use up the cores. Preferably the bottom one, since the top one can stun for 5 turns. Rusty gets 100% resistance when he uses his special attack, but he needs to be lv70+ so he can tank it. So I had to let him take a normal attack and pray it didn't crit. Those minibosses have a lot of attack, I think ~26k(top one and Wave 2) and ~46k(bottom one and Wave 1).

In retrospect, I'll use Forte's damage increasing spirit command next time.

[Image: Conquest_VS_30-_C.mp4_snapshot_15.19_201....18.26.png]
[Image: Conquest_VS_30-_C.png]

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