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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
(10-18-2017, 08:37 PM)Wish Wrote: For everyone finding a hard time picking tanks against bug for VS 29, pick Grungust Nishiki from the current OG event. She has all the necessary stuff for tanking purpose. Anti-burn, high guard rate rainbow core generator.

Seconding this, get her. She can carry a team of units most people here probably have.


[Image: w3s4dryfthb.png]

Role: Main Tank, Core Generator, Auxiliary Accuracy Support.
Method of Acquisition: Can get her from this event.
Give her her Pilot Part and set her as the Leader(5% attack, 10% Accuracy). Give her Guard parts that focus on HP(Increases her HP regen, makes a big difference). Give her Guard(spirit command) in case the boss goes through her 5% Guard weakspot and you need for her to heal.

Role: Anti-Bug, Main Damage Dealer.
Method of Acquisition: R+ Unit.
Equip him with Scope set and give him Snipe Ω spirit command. Gain has 90% crit chance by default, make the Scope fist have Crit as its main stat to cap it.

Role: Auxiliary Tank.
Method of Acquisition: R+ Unit.
Can be lv 60. Equip him with 2 Resist sets and focus on resistance, you can get him around 60% resistance leaving him with a 20% chance to get burned. Give him Valor to help defeat the boss a little faster.

Role: Accuracy Support.
Method of Acquisition: Was given away for free.
Make sure she's faster than Gain. This is the fastest SR Katalina so far. Can be replaced by anyone who's fast enough from here. Make sure her 100% Spirit Command is Ω.

Role: Accuracy Support.
Method of Acquisition: 30 OMG unit, you probably have either her or shooter Itsuki from sorakake. There is no guaranteed way to get her at this point in time.
Can be lv 60. Gives 30% accuracy to the team when defeated. Give her no V-parts so she doesn't get more HP.

If you have any of the following units, it can replace Monica and SR Katalina with just one unit:
[Image: 19900335.jpg][Image: 19900275.jpg][Image: 19900205.jpg][Image: 19900075.jpg][Image: 15600135.jpg][Image: 11300235.jpg]
Note: SSR Attacker Katalina needs to be lv 65, SSR Shooter Katalina needs to be lv70.
Note2: There is also Grendizer☆ from the first event of this year, but I don't know if she's fast enough.

With the setup in the screenshot, you have a 76% chance of Kusuha generating a core when the boss hits her. If not reload or Gain will have to skip his first turn.
If you have one of the 6 spirit+buff units, then field Godsigma(R+ Unit) for two more chances at getting cores before Gain's first turn comes up. Give him Guard parts and put him in Monica's place. He can be lv 60.

Accuracy Buffs:
100% Gain's abilities.
100% Gain's Scirit Command.
20% Gain's Scope Set.
100% Spirit Command from the unit next to Gain.
10% Kusuha Pilot Part(make sure she's the leader.)
30% Monica Buff
For some reason, you need 355% Accuracy, so Kusuha's Leadership Buff does make a difference.

Kill the bugs in front of Glenn first, so that he doesn't get burned to death and Kusuha gets you max cores.
When the bugs are gone, Glenn and Kusuha can special attack the boss as long as Gain will have 1 core when his turn comes up.
Grendizer☆ was just fast enough, for VS 29 she was the best unit I had to work with.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa!!!!! WH!!!!!!!!! y!!!!!! Sad
[Image: WJTuNLg.jpg]
 this sucks...  Sad

I give up..... I can't do this. Conquest 29 is just too hard using nothing but defenders.

Game. if you could give me a Taiki Barrier Shooter, I will be happy. 

I'm very sure, I can complete this by just giving Eva-06 the limit break from the Arena in a few days, time.
I don't like using LB's on Non-Taiki units and I don't even like Kaworu all that much.

How are you all doing Conquest 29?

-The Team-
SR Blaster Enryu
SSR Eva-00
SSR Eva-01
SSR Eva-02
SSR Ogami
SSR Gurren Laggan

I replace Blaster Enryu with Eva-06, this way I can fight the Enemy Evangelions with my own Evangelions.
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