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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
I am using Duo to tank 2 columns of shooters.
The team is more or less similar to the one in the Gunbuster video u posted sometime ago.
I think one problem is that in that video they need 2 Gumbuster's hissatzus because the defenders can't tank until the last Mellowlink arrives and that combined with HK hissatzu requires lots of cores, you have to let units die to get the cores for 3 hissatzus.
I could use my taiki defenders to replace the weakest core providing/healing defenders, but then I'd loose cores and healing.
The double hissatzu is also probably used to stun as much units as possible.
Team looks like this:
Duo (stun+tank)
SR Sayaka (tank+core+selfheal+sacrifice core) 50
Rei (tank+core+heal+sacrifice core) 60
2017 def Asuka (tank+2 cores+selfheal+sacrifice core) 70
Combattler V (stun hissatzu+selfheal+tank+sacrifice core) 65
HullKaiser (Atrocious seishin+hissatzu) 55

Chicken and egg problem.

edit: in the video I noticed that SR Getter which I don't have heals the whole team and not only himself while providing the core... SR Sayaka only heals herself.
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