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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
here another method, almost with only event units, you only need one unit from the summons, 30 its the first really hard stage of this mode on my opinion.

Stage 30 Guide

[Image: IyUOC8I.png]

Leader - Any Taiki(minus Setsuna)/Zechs/Any SSR Shooter with command skill to raise shooters dmg. (soul)
Tank/Supplier - I'm using summer Asuka but Shooter Asuka is just as good, you can buy her out of the garage shop now. (Guts)
Healer/Status Removal - Use the Van Ein Alpha no reason to use Dix Neux here, you got the unit out of this event, its good if you have it maxed. (Set its seishin to bonds must be maxed)
Aim Support - Raphael Gundam has a command skill that helps you to aim, and has a seishin that helps you to aim, overall he is a better choice than Katalina for this, but if you missed Tieria, Katalina can do the job. (hit rate up seishin)
Defender with Iron Wall - You don't need a SSR defender, overall its better if you can deploy two SR units instead of a single more SSR, SR Bertha have Iron wall and her skills allow her to tank Marida attacks for quite some time. (Make sure that she has the SSR Rei support coin from this event equipped)

Battleship - Eternal (it should be maxed)

Step 1:

As usual two enemies will pop out in front of your team. you have a shooter in every lane and Bertha in front of PuruTwo, don't worry, just make Bertha destroy the two Unicorn enemies and proceed to beat Puru Two, make a formation with your shooters and beat her, its really fast.

Step 2:

Send Tieria/Katalina to the middle of all your units, on front you should have Asuka, and on the back your Taiki shooter/Zechs, when Marida appears cast Iron Wall and send Bertha there, them after this send Van Ein Alpha,  take note that you will be moving Van Ein Alpha a lot so slow down the speed of the game.

Step 3:

Everytime Kshatrya mark its hisatsu move Van Ein away from there, after it put it back on the frontline do this until Bertha explodes, when Bertha explodes the SSR Rei support coin activates and give all your team a big raise on armor , and you have an Eva with a At Field that its strong against Marida, so you will now send Asuka to the frontline, rearrange your team, use soul and use the Hisatsus of your Taiki/Zechs, when Asuka its near death use Guts, she can last a LOT of time.

Step 4:

Near the End she will destroy Asuka and your next shooter, maybe even the other one, but her hp will be on read already so just repeat your hisatsu with the cores that you won.

and that's it for the new stage 30.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Stage 40 Guide

You need the SSR Oldrin,PuruTwo (Quebeley MKII) and Melowlink (Blaster) to beat that stage that way, its possible with other units but its rather troublesome and not worth do to so.

Leader is Oldrin with Pilot part, battleship its the eureka seven one

The first wave its just Mazinger, he is immune to everything save status effects, the only status that he is immune its burn. so you can't use purutwo here, the most efficient method its to use Oldrin and stunlock him, put Mellowlink shooting to push him back and Oldrin attacking, when he is about to hisatu move her away them move her back after the Breast fire, repat this until Mazinger explodes.

now Great Mazinger and Grendizer will appear, Great Mazinger its very slowwwwwwwwwn, put Mellowlink and PuruTwo shooting on Great Mazinger he will take a eternity to arrive, on Grendizer you put Oldrin and the other 2, be sure to move Oldrin away from the Hisatsus.

use only PuruTwo hisatstus on this map, when you can hot blood + funnels by the end you can move around one of the supers while waiting it to burn, it does a ridiculous high damage on them.

if you have any unit that can stun/slown etc, bring it
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Stage 45 Guide

This map its a battle of wits a guts, you will  need a formation that can deal with all the 3 normal type of units of the game, that can heal, and also deal some damage, the stage is quite long and stalling a lot will make you lose, you need to be aggressive its easier that way.

Recommended units:

Eva 00
Eva 04 (Defender)
Any Defender with Guts
Attacker with Guts
Attacker with Trust +
Shooter Nuker ( no way around it must be a shooter)

you area is reduced on this map, you also need to kill the enemies fast, they agglomerate like flies if you don't do it, try not let any unit die, when you see their hp getting low don't think two times, use a healing, if any unit get on dangerous state on wave 1 go back to the ship, the defender Evas should have no problem on holding the enemies down.

the wave 1 its just a lot of enemies, on wave 2 things are most the same however the enemy shooters will begin moving and try to evade your units and aim for your ship, or stall for time for their reinforcements appear
, don't let they do that, send you 2 defenders there ignore enemy defenders on this moment if its necessary, stall a little your hisatsu will a boss appears, when the red original enemy mecha appears, Soul + Hisatsu, it MUST one shoot it.


now a big boss will appear, its easy just send all your units there, he will try to charge his attacks numerous times and fail due to the damage that you will do and will cancel its attack again and again.

with this you're done with the Tekai tickets. and on to the final 5 maps that reward you Blaster Tickets

Stage 46

Oldrin + Char + All attacker team (bring someone with a low cost Hisatsu, the attacker Zegapain Altair will do)
Ship: Gekka
Support Coins: all critical up coins.

Press auto.

use a hisatsu on the two last bosses

now go to conquest mode blasters tab to claim your SSR Blaster. (actually i'm not sure if the shining blaster tickets guarantees SSR's)

i got Marida for my troubles, and yes you can limit break her with the event attacker Marida
[Image: Clxrgqh.png]

now we only need someone with Strike Freedom Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Mugen Calibur Roadbuster is my only unit remaining, The Transformer was doing it's best to take down Haman.

Auto was off, speed was at 1. But I knew it wasn't going to be enough.

I saw the evade symbol from both robots, many times. Come on!! you can do it! I screamed.

Roadbuster only had 1 HP left.

'This is the end.'

I thought as I watched it fall... my final unit was destroyed, I had failed...

but before the Mugen Calibur went down, I saw from the Transformer a single attack come from it's Gun.

With Zero units left, I watched the Attack go towards Hamman...

Hit... Hit... Hit.. Hit.. Hit.. I pray... The Mugen Calibur Roadbuster defeat will not be in vain.




[Image: p4AOgAj.jpg]

As you can see I got 3 Taiki Units...

SSR Shooter Mari with Leadership skill - Gives 1 Shooter core and leadership pilot skill gives attack boost to all allies
SSR Taiki Roadbuster Mugen Caliber - Increase Attack and evasions to all Shooter's
SSR Taiki Shooter Leila - Gives 2 Shooter cores and increase attack to all shooter units
SSR Shooter Uso - Stop Puru-2 Special Attack
SR Shooter Emma - Encouragement
SSR Taiki Combatter V - Take down Puru-12
Battleship - Increase Critical Rate

Vs Puru 2
Press Auto and select Uso send Uso out to attack Puru-2, after Puru-2 user's her special, use Uso skill to stop her attack.
Uso needs to stay alive and be in the red, Puru-2 will fall.
Use Leila's skill to get a Shooter core

Vs Marida
Don't press Auto, and have Uso go and attack the single unit coming. Marida will appear have Uso die from Marida giving you a free Core.

You should have 6 cores, Make sure Combattler V gets all the buff's, gave Emma use Encouragement and attack Marida. Have Mari use her leadership skill Hope and attack Marida, then send Leila to attack Mardia.

Quickly, have Hyoma use all 6 cores and Attack Marida she will still be alive, next send Mugen Calibur to the battleship.

Haman will appear.

Mardia will defeat all three ladies (Mari, Leila and Emma) giving you 3 cores. Hyoma will use it's last special to attack Marida, and she is defeated.

Vs Haman
Send out your Transformer out of the ship and press Auto.
Both Combattler V and the Mugen Caliber should be on full HP.

Now have Masato Mugen cast his pilot skill to increase evasion, and now pray....

Haman will be dead.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Grats TheBigB Smile

Conquest mode, the old Challenge quests are some of my predict things on the game hope they add more on the future, i'm also wondering if i should start the arena seriously it should be hard and fun, on the moment i'm just farming coins but i should have units to rank among silvers at least
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Hey guys. Great guides. Any tips to beat Stage 15?
Stage 48 is hard.

(12-09-2016, 01:08 PM)BlueMachine Wrote: Hey guys. Great guides. Any tips to beat Stage 15?

Defence Battleship and 2 Shooters, 2 Arracks and 2 Defenders should do it.

What's you're team.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
(12-09-2016, 01:08 PM)BlueMachine Wrote: Hey guys. Great guides. Any tips to beat Stage 15?
In my case, brute force works with my regular team. Sorry not much help. ^^
Thanks for the video, It seems it needs very precise managing of the units, a thing where I'm not very good at. Will try later.
To beat Stage 48 you need stun.

Don't have stun you cannot win. And if you're Stun unit dies then it's game over.

Thing is using stun is really unreliable, low chance is pretty much equal to never.

There are only 5 Stun units in the game.

1. Fighter Zeta Gundam - Which is not in the game anymore.
3. Attacker - Tohdoh
3. Attacker Oldrin
4. Attacker Oldrin Taiki Swimsuit - Which is not in the game anymore.
5. Defender Oldrin Santa - Which is not in the game anymore.

Out of the 5 unit's you can only get one. R+ Oldrin to SSR.
The other is Tohdoh who requires luck to get.

So even if I beat this stage right now, It won't mean I can beat it next month.

I am not liking this stage.

(12-10-2016, 02:52 AM)BlueMachine Wrote: Thanks for the video, It seems it needs very precise managing of the units, a thing where I'm not very good at. Will try later.

Try again, just use units with Beam Attacks, 2 attacks, 2 defenders and 2 shooters should do it.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236

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