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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
I just cleared VS mode to stage 30, easy as they were all old stages I had no troubles with.
A new stage is blocking my normal conquest, 27-C.
I have after image capable units, but they get destroyed by the small disks, any hints?
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I posted a strategy for this one a few pages ago IIRC
Finally managed to beat Conquest VS EX2 (thanks to Cutie Honey -Universe version-), now only the final stage remains ... if anyone has any tip about this one (which seems really insane), feel free to share Smile

*Edit : I found out that you need a very specific setup to stand a chance ... Focusing on action gauge reduction is the way to go, it seems ...

The trick is upgrading the PP skill that reduces action gauge (Megaman, Patlabor, Macross Delta, Daimos, Forte, etc) ... I guess I'll skip that one this month, not enough ressources for PP upgrades ... maybe next month, if they don't switch the final stage with another one Smile

That jewel reward is definitely worth investing a bit, since you can only get one of these in arena per month, and it's required for the final PP upgrades.
hey, is the shinkiro omega useful for normal for stage 27 and up? i wasnt planning on gettting it but if it works, might as well. I see a bunch of teams with it in stage 31 vs but i dont need it for that one.
Shinkiro is useful for conquest normal, but that's not where it shines the most.

Shinkiro is more useful for Conquest VS in my opinion : he can tank VS-EX1/EX2 while buffing your team A LOT (50% attack / 50% CRIT rate / +300% CRIT damage, accuracy and evasion / 3000 action gauge / 100% counterattack / 100% status resist).

Add into the mix the fact that you can setup very good abilities using PP (leadership to force your team to assist attack / produce cores / etc)

It's usually a good idea to catch buffing units, because they tend to last a lot longer than other types, meta wise.

Shinkiro is also very useful for arena (but having a strong anti-Shinkiro team is about as useful, in the end).
hello, ive been trying to build a team for 27 c and Im still having some questions: I have the zegapain close range shooter, queenie and a few bunshin shooters. Which one is the SR Emel? Also, I see that code geass girl (the one from the sequel) can hit and stun the bugs but i always see the omega figther version. can other SSR versions of her do the same? Also, I havent found a FMP unit with that ability ECS aside from the SR taiki Kurz. is there another one?

Also, I have quite a few non taiki dragonar 1, do those help for stunning or something? i see them used.
SR Emel is the SR shooter unit with the short-hair flat-chest Solis girl (she has bunshin).

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRP9FiAB87L94vzJbXO9ls...7tmXBcvrlm]

If you have Cutie Honey (Universe version), she can fight along Queenie just fine (my current team being Cutie/Queenie/Emel/Zepagain shooter).

Any "bunshin" shooter unit can replace Emel (though she has an evasion buff leadership ability !), since the damage is capped at 1000 anyway.

You don't need stun at all, since Zepagain unit + additional shooter, can kill a bug before he uses his hissatsu.

What matters, is having two front row attackers, that evade bug attacks (they have huge accuracy), and queenie/cutie can do that just fine (every attack = evasion buffed up).
Oh, nice, I do have honey. But im not sure I have this unit. Thanks; understood everything perfectly.
You're welcome Smile Good luck on finishing Conquest this month Mnga !
Passed 27C finally, I had the units to do it but couldn't pass it so I went to watch a video on YT and I found out I was attaching the enemy from the wrong angle!
Once I fixed this clearing it was easy.
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