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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
I posted a couple of clear videos in the general thread IIRC
I stuck at 26-b again this month. I just get P3 to 80 now so my team is P1, P3, shooter huckebein lvl 70 and attacker vanblam lvl 75. The other option I can have now is hi-v Gundam, shooter combattler V, or attacker Alt Eisen Riese (old one). They all need limit break to be useful. I see people use shooter SKL magzinkaiser to finish off the last boss and I have that option. The issue here is I need to finish off the first 2 boss using only 4 cores. What can I do to get pass this stage?
Your best bet is defeating the first 2 bosses without using any core, by using a team that can bypass barriers with their regular attacks, saving your cores for the last one.

There are a LOT of videos on youtube if you need hints about what kind of teams can clear that stage (buff units, etc).
hello, I was playing normal 30 and cant beat wave 10. I see that many people first go for the jun hissatsu and then follow up with a strong defender hissatsu or that defender taiki from star driver.

but when i try it, jun's hissatsu gets instatly blocked. i see in the video that the guy has jun take plenty of shots but it never gets blocked. how do they do it? is there another way to work around it? i see quite a few teams with nena trinity, the muv luv free unit from the last event and one with that kid from captain earth.
They most likely just use Jung Freud's hissatsu to apply darkness easily (required to damage units), then use some more powerful hissatsu.

I used Takuto's hissatsu or King Samehk's one and never had any trouble.
i mean, when i do pull it off, it does work. but it required me to get her in the sweet spot to hit everyone and by then, she already got blocked. is there a way to prevent that? i did see in a video for this mission someone putting jun in the front and she never got hissatsu blocked.

i tried hitting just a few and i can, in fact, kill them afterwards. can any ssr takuto work for this? i only have attackers and shooters. I wished i had the defender one, though, its so strong. i dont really want the figther one from the event, though :/ not many crystals left. nono is life.

never mind: i was able to copy the strat from another video with my units. I just got rid of ailments with C.C.'s spirit move thing once i was able to put jung in the sweet spot, then hissatsu away for darkness, then shoot them all with a nine core omega from the gundam wing. thanks for your help Smile and with that we finish the normal conquest mode for the first time, boys.
Might be tied to the pilot coin (support pilot) used here, since the one used in this video for Jung prevents being hissatsu locked Smile
ahhhhh i figured it would be something like that. but i never have the ones they use :/ thankfullly i could still do it.
I am trying to follow this as I have the same Solis girl

and now I am successful to get pass the first one without using any core. However I can’t understand how the 2nd one can be killed. Is it a timing thing?
I usually use a hissatsu on the second one right after it heals, making sure that at least 2 of my barrier piercing robots hit at the same time and then hissatsu. of course, also timed so he doesnt recover too fast so the other robots punch away the rest of the health after the hissatsu. I recover the three cores with the TTGL, a level 50 SR olive from a few events ago who gives you a defense core and dies easily afterwards.

omega gundam wing for the final one, timed in the same fashion. it is a timing thing. i find it too hard, even at slowest speed so i use hissatsu that stop time. i saw the gurren lagann does it in one of these videos. it uses like 2 hissatsu back to back on the final boss. the guy was spamming the hissatsu button.

I assume the captain earth kid could help her but i dont know. ill try it.

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