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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
I DID IT! Yeah, TTGL and sayaka's robots gave me the cores I needed. Thanks!

wow,I already have no idea how to go about 26-b normal :/
you need units that barrier break, i mean TTGL can do 26-b
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I noticed he could do it but i think I only have him. the rest do 10 damage. I saw videos of people sending robots to attack individually but I didnt understand. TTGL cant do it by himself, can he?
No idea, but you should have a bunch of units with barrier breaking abilities by now.

If you really are desperate, you can try and roll for Dancouga Nova Max God this week, he can bypass barriers too.
Thanks, I was capable of assemble a team of taiki robots with barrier breaking skills (nono/TTGL/P1/Gaigar) but they still couldn't beat the last boss. I dont have enough cores :/
Just finished the VS mode part, very easy again, as long as you can disable "special armor" abilities / can deal good damage fast / can reduce action gauge (Pandora units can help people without a huge roster, since Queenie is fast and deals huge damage, while Leon can disable block/special armor).

Off to finish Normal mode now ...
I FINALLY BEAT THE CONQUEST VS MODE! shout outs to Mercure for the guide, the kaiser, TTGL and P1/P3.
You're welcome Smile 'Grats Mngalahad
Anyone managed to beat the new VS Stage 31 without Mazinger Zero ?

My best try for now : managed to defeat the 4 out of 5 units (wave 1) by using Defender Mazinger Zero (even unit) or Dix-Neuf (event unit), since they can build up massive damage / accuracy / etc if you can tank the wave for 7 turns.

Problem being : the unit you try and hit, while you wait for 7 turns, gets evasion buffs for every evade, making it virtually impossible to hit that unit after a while ...
I haven't been able to clear it. I need to watch some clear video.
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