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Conquest Mode (征覇モード) Guide
It is such a waste for the Conquest Mode guide to be buried in the SRWXOMG Revival Thread, so I decided to compile it into this thread for future references. While you might not have the exact necessary units to do it, it can give you the general idea on how to do the stage.

I believe Stage 1 through 19 can be passed just by using brute force. So, let's start with 20.

Stage 20 by thebigb (The Overwhelming method I guess)

Quote:-Stage 20-

[Image: pp06uRm.png]

This was the Pshyo Gundam one right?
As you can see I only used 5 Attacker units, this level is much easier than Challange Mission 3.1 (I still can't do that.)
I did this 1st shoot.


Stage 25 by thebigb (The Hard Defender Method)
Quote:This is a hard stage, this is my team.

[Image: ATBo4ES.png]

No, I'm not joking I did it with this team. Do this with Defenders.

Trouble is Most Defenders are really slow. The Oceanus provides movement speed they need.

If you don't have a Mazinkaiser, Mazinger Z(JS) will do fine.

You need a unit with a powerful Special attack and MAX level, put them in Sub-2.

You need HP so bring units that can heal including Kouji I have 3, make sure they are not the first units to get shoot die.

Save all your cores until the final Wave

You only have 1 goal, make sure Mazinkaiser and Pshyo Gundam do not get hit, keep them away from the shooters.
2 units will get shoot down, this stage.
Start by taking down the one at the top of the stage and work your way down.

Make Sure Pshyo Gundam is not hit, put her in battleship.
You should have 2 units left alive.
Those units will soon die, but not after taking down enemy shooters with them.
With the last 2 or less Mazinkaiser, will take them down, now is the time to use Kouji's heal and finish them off.

You should have Mazinkaiser in the red and a fully healed Pshyo Gundam.
Take Pshyo Gundam out of the ship.
Yes... Pshyo Gundam will take a wave down all by herself.

As for you're Battleship, let's just say it's seen better days. At level 10 it should have a bit of HP, left.

As soon as the first enemy appear's. Attack it,, get to it fast.
A Big Unit will appear and to block your path, you need to press quickly, You need to be there before the giant appear's.

Good you're there... Now all you need to do is stay alive unit all the small unit's have appeared on the map.

At this stage  the Pshyo Gundam is in the red... and no enemy units have been destroyed yet.

Time to use those cores... use all the cores..... 

When you're special attacks are done, you should have 3 giant units left all of them attacking youre battleship.
Well it's a good thing Pshyo Gundam is in the middle of them.

Giant units will not Attack you if you attack them from behind, or from the side.
I repeat Gaint Units will not Attack you if you attack them from behind, or from the side.

Good thing, You can attack the Gaint's from the side and from behind. So go do that.

During this time, It's Mazinkaiser's time to shine, make sure he keeps the battleship alive, he will get shoot down.

Pshyo Gundam will take down the final Gaint, and that's it Stage End.

Stage 25 by Mai (The Great Jerrid Messa Method)
Quote:Stage 25 Guide:

what you need:

- Toya the womanizer (LVL 80 full upgraded, Hisatsu maxed, all skills on, Hot blood.)
- Eternal
- SSR Tieria support coin.
- hear this song during wave 3:

so lets go..

i call this strategy the great Jerrid Messa plan.

Toya (on the ship)
Nuker (you need a nuker is impossible without one, this plan need this unit to stay alive, you nuker can be a shooter or a defender and it NEEDS to have a barrier skill.
2 SSR Defenders with barriers.

explaining [Image: biggrin.png]

i noticed a pattern on stage 25..

the units fire with normal guns and do huge dmg, they don't care about you having advantage type, they still do 2k to 4k on defenders, apparently there's nothing that could be done till i noticed that Rei take only half dmg compared to all my other units of higher rarity and stats.

and its due to her AT Field, all barriers skills on that stage cut the dmg by 50%, so to survive you NEED barriers

i noticed that we don't need 6 units to pass the mission only 4 actually so here goes for people with no FMP units:

- Jerrid on top
- wave controller (remember this unit needs to be at high lvl, can't be a attacker, its something that DO DMG, of the reward ones PuruTwo, but you probably have something better than her on your hangar, if you have ANY shooter eva bring it, ANY OO unit with GN field? bring it.)
- SSR Defender with Iron wall on the mid
- SSR Defender with Iron wall.
- Toya on the ship.
- unit that gives you a defender core.

starting you know two things Jerrid will die, its his thing, but you will try to delay it for now.

~wave 1~

- a enemy will show up on the uper mid lane alone, move your SSR defender with barier to tank for you two shooters take it down, while at this another enemy will show up on top.
- make sure that you unit on the toplane is you other defender, a enemy will pop up, move you two shooters, melt him down don't bother defending the ship, also make sure that you ship its on LVL 5 at least.
- after this both you defenders will have little hp left move to down there's 2 units take one down.


- put one of your defenders on the ship to recover HP after its recovered tank the enemy and destroy it, and recover you other defender.

~Wave 2~

if you're luck you have now about 5 cores we need 4 defender cores to end the stage, but now its time for our wave controller to shine.

- suicide the unit that gave you a defender core, now we have 6 cores, smile you done it.

use hot blood, move your unit between the two mid lanes and press the hisatsu button of happines and watch everything explode. (laugh if you're using Heero to do this)

~Wave 3~

now we have if the time for Toya to Shine we have 2 shooters alive,2 defenders alive and Toya, cast Iron wall with you both defenders move on the first enemy that appears with you second defender cast Iron wall move it to the giant boss, they will die but cause some dmg on the bosses.

now we have a problem, the enemies are too far away for Toya Hisatsu [Image: angry.png]

Time for Jerrid, use Taunt and move Jerrid top lane, every enemy will be pissed and move to come after Jerrid he will die but all the enemies will be there waiting to be nuked.... take Granteed out :O

you have 6 cores, a barrier, 7k attack 11k HP and a mission destroy everything, cast hot blood move Toya beteween two lanes hit it,Granteed will pass the enemies and stay behind them, the giant enemies will NOT TURN, the littles ones explode, after this kill the giant ones with normal attacks.

congratulations you won :O

Stage 25 by ryoga316 (The Defender Method)

Quote:FINALLY! I cleared Stage 25!

Problem is the FMP grunts do 1200+ damage even with barriers. More if your unit's defense is low. But does an average of 250 damage against Battleships.

So here's the team I've chosen:

[Image: Screenshot_2016_07_26_13_43_09.png]

Having an All-Defender Team grants you 1 Bonus Core. With the Eva-00 and Eva-01, I get 2 more, and a 4th one from Apoli's Resupply Seishin. Everyone else has a Healing Seishin except the Eva-01, that uses Soul instead. Also all my support chips will activate their boosts so long as the Ptolemaios's HP is more than half.

In addition to my team near max level, their upgrades should be at Level 5 or higher (except Apoli, who acts as an opening gambit) and/or their defense should be at least 4000+. Any parts that give HP and/or Armor bonuses helps lots too.

Set game to Auto and at the slowest speed.

Wave 1:
- QUICKLY move the Rick Dias against first grunt that appears and use Resupply. Key here is the enemy's shots hit the Rick Dias and not anyone else. Continue doing this with the remaining grunts until the Rick Dias is destroyed.
- If possible, use only one Healing seishin from either Mao or Rei for this wave.
- Koji, Rei, and Shinji's HP must be either at full or close to full.

Wave 2:
- You need to get all of the grunts to appear and within range of Shinji's Magrock E. Sword. Then finish them off.
- Alternatively, you can use the Buster Collider from Noriko as well.
- If you haven't used Rei or Mao's Healing seishin, use it now at this point, then send them both as cannon fodder. The remaining units must survive.
- You should have 4-5 Cores remaining at this point.

Wave 3:
- Get all the grunts, even the giant ones, to appear and within range of the Magrock E. Sword. Use Shinij's Soul and strike them.
- Here's the tricky part. For any units still alive, you must move your units against them AT AN ANGLE. If done correctly, you can hit the enemy while their shots miss and hit your battleship instead. Then cross your fingers they do them in.
- If the MazinKaiser is still around and either Noriko or Shinji gets wasted, go ahead and use the Fire Blaster. If you're lucky and have 3 cores remaining, use it, ASAP.

Stage 25 by me (The Invisible Shooter Method)
Quote:FINALLY I managed to clear Conquest 25 using this team.
[Image: screenshot_2016-08-231kjrc.png]

Tessa is there to provide shooter cores, along with Roux. Then both of them along with Jun must die to provide 3 shooter cores. Get Heero to be damaged and put him in ship.

Wave 2, pull Wing Zero out and nuke em, put him back in ship.

Wave 3, suicide Nichols and Sousuke, and use Wing Zero to nuke all enemies twice (make sure they're all out on the field). Stage cleared!


Stage 30 by Mai edited by me.

Quote:Battleship - Eternal

- SSR Sazabi (with pilot part)
- SSR Heiherm (Olive)
- SSR TallGeese III/Taiki Shooter
- SR/SSR Any Eva shooter unit
- C Aprodite A/SSR Van Ein (Shatte Summer 2015)

If your Olive its on level 65 meaning that you have her command skill, Olive goes in position 1, if you have her at 60 only, Char goes on position 1.

be sure to unequip Olive pilot part, she needs to have her seishin that gives a rainbow core.

on position 4 will be your Taiki shooter/Tallgeese III if you don't have any Taiki shooter.

when the battle start, do a single slash on the enemy in front of Char and use the missiles, it will cancel PuruTwo hisatsu and she will not use it again, so just do your thing, position your Eva to tank(if you have any), if not use something like a iron wall on a attacker, Quebeley is easy.

after this use Olive seishin and send her to stop Kshatrya advance (by now you should have 4 cores), don't send Char now, but him behind Olive, she its frail and can't take a lot of hits however if you're lucky you will hit a LOT.

things about Kshatrya:

- regular attacks will mostly miss
- Hisatsus always hit.
- you can't Nuke Kshatrya it has too much HP, so we have to relay on sustained dmg.

Olive machine will explode, giving you a core, if its a shooter core nice, if its not its workable, send Aprodite C do die, 5 Cores.

now send Char, you will try to stall more, to stall here when Marida mark her Hisatsu use one of yours.

Char will die as well, you will have 6 cores and hopefully Kshatrya will be on half HP, now she will move toward you two shooters, now use souls + 2 Hisatsus if you have a Taiki units congrats you won. if not...

move Tallgeese away from the Eternal, let her hit the ship then move the unit behind her and use the heat rod hisatsu 3 times and you will be able to win.

enjoy you OMG Crystal and 8 tickets
You could also add SSR Roux, as she gives yellow core right at the start if you don't have shooter Evas.

Stage 30 by the bigb:

Stage 35 by thebigb
No explanation, but he did post the units he used. And it seems that Mellowlink is the key to clearing the stage.
[Image: 1473404033258.jpg]

You absolutely must have a unit that can break barrier. Mellowlink, Char, and Kallen's Pilot Part has such seishin.

thebigb gave a video for 35:
Great andy this should help a lot of people Tongue
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Great thread idea.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Yes! I finally beat stage 25. God that took SOOOO many tries. Even though it wasn't level broken, my MVP was definitely Taiki Dancougar for his hissatsu.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
They said they would update some levels in Conquest mode Stage 30 was one of them. Char can not stop Puru-2 and thus can not beat stage.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
(10-09-2016, 05:09 PM)thebigb Wrote: They said they would update some levels in Conquest mode Stage 30 was one of them. Char can not stop Puru-2 and thus can not beat stage.

I found out how to do it. Instead of using Char use (Char's grandson) Uso at level 60 he can stop Puru-2.
I'm going to get him to 60 and see how that works.

Other units you can use are ROM, Puru-2 Attacker or Lal'c.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
How can L'arc reach purutwo on time? you use the Buster Gator she will explode the first unit and them keep rushing? because i think that she stops

can't we use some unit that clear status effects instead?

Uso can probably do due to his hisatsu, i believe that Setsuna can do it too but Setsuna use 3 cores, Kantan Robo probably works as well.

also if you don't have Char pilot part to hit Marida deploy a lvl 10 Eternal to improve your hit rate
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Uh Stage 30, right. Now Puru Two hits like a tank.
The old strategy really doesn't work anymore as the enemy in front of Char doesn't die in on hit and they essentially forms a wall to protect Puru Two.
And then Puru Two herself is too strong. Sad

I resign from Conquest Mode for now.
If anyone has a detailed walkthrough on the new stage 30, please post here.
Stage 30, i done it with usual strat:

Clear debuff from puru 2 (check Big post for unit with this senshin)

Kill boss with shooter + pushback from char when needed(clay bazooka hisatsu)
Boss almost never reach my zone with pushback shooter (i don't know what skill do that, but my normal attack pushback the boss)

Team used:
SSR Nu gundam 80
SSR Nono 80
SSR Baikanfu 60 (to clean the fire dot from puru 2)
SSR Char shooter 75 with clay bazooka
SSR Venus A 65 (Heal + sacrifice if needed to gain a core fro the clay bazooka)
SR Super Gundam Ema 70 (Heal + sacrifice if needed to gain a core fro the clay bazooka)
Battleship: Eternal (the hit+ one)

Last Conquest i was blocked at stage 47, i hope i can do better this time.
Stage 39 is done. Group heal and more Group heal.
And Defense get that up Combattler V leader and battleship give a boost to Defense.

keep your attackers away from Shooters your other units will take care of them.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_10_12_00_17_53.png]

Stage 30 same way jusr replace Char with Uso instead of special use Uso final green power.

Stage 40 is a joke beat it 2nd try.
3 Attackers
3 Blasters
Can be any level with Zero upgrades.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_10_12_00_47_12.png]

41 to 46 are easy can beat 1st shoot.

47 is hard It is a much harder version of Stage 30,
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236

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