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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Under Night is a fun game.
Just started playing Gundam Battle Ops 2 and God Eater 3.
"Return to 'zero'!!"

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Sadly Battle Ops 2 has recently gone to total shit. They keep adding variants of the Ifreet to ander to the zeon ayers, and theyre all so bull shit and broken that it quickly destroyed the balance of the game. Especially the latest one the Efreet DS
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Dissidia NT got a free version people, if you never played you can try it, the game is still fun and now it even has players
Its never too late to start loving again

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Fate Extella Link came in quite early for a lot of people from Amazon. It was supposed to come out next week.

Game is quite fun. I just finished Extella Umbral Star, the previous game. It was fun but had some flaws.

Link is faster paced, redone/better mechanics, updated graphics and a lot more characters too. While its not necessary to play the 1st game since Link is a loose sequel, it does explain certain characters/world a little better.
OMG there's Armored Klan in SRWL! She kinda sucked, tho.
Perhaps I should just put her in Michael's Valkyrie. Yeah, Michael's dead. Sorry dude.

Since I got extra Mazingers, I decided to put Boss in the Great. Bad idea, he doesn't have sure hit, and he got like 10% chance to hit enemies. Imma put him back in the Borot next stage.

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