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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
I think I've hit a slump gaming wise. Mobage wise, Until Carol gets added I've lost the will to play Symphogear. Azur Lane I haven't touched in a week, and last night I failed to get Hinako so I'm just depression quitting that aside from logins.

After getting the 199th and 200th plat (Sen no Kiseki III and IV respectively) last night, I tried to start the Rockman X Collection, but for some reason a minute into X1, I sort of just...stopped caring and turned it off. Don't even know why. Maybe 200th made me realize I've squanered 8 years of my free time, or could be I'd rather be doing RDR2/BattlefieldV/Fortnite, or it could just be I didn't want to play them for the 100th time. (Huge Rockman X fan so I've pretty much 100% everything decades ago, multiple times)
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Well, when you're hunting trophies, you stop having fun.
Play games to have fun. Games are not work.
Same can be said for grinding in gacha games, tho. (yeah I do it too lol)
The irony is I don't want to. But when you have OCD, there's always that little voice in the back of your head nit picking at you forcing me to 100% or I don't feel satisfied. With a few exceptions. I loved getting 100% in the 4 Sen games, becuase I damn well loved that series, the character, and world.

Same with GTAV, etc.

Gave Rockman X collection another try. Doing better, albeit either im tired, or my reflexes are shit after 20 years because I was at 1 stick of health 20 seconds in.

I'm going to miss you, Ouji-san. =/
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Decided to give it another shot. I think part of the reason I didn't care was because I hadn't eaten in about 30 hours. I thought I had closed my eyes for a few minutes but my family told me I had passed out for like 2-3 hours.
Just claerd X1.

This I'm not doing for trophies though, I'm just doing because the Rockman series has been one of the most important franchises to me since childhood, and one of my first video games ever.

I don't know if it's aftermath of the starving thing or or if the controls for the X collection feel like shit due to the DS4's much alrger size over DS1-3. I had to remap the Dash button to R1.

....fuck Wolf Sigma. >.> (Every time I curse I add another coin to the coin jar! also counts for Neps)
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Just got Daikuu Maryuu in SRWL. Gaiking suddenly got a bunch of weapons. Neat.
Am I the only one who likes to leave Iczer in her human form? She looked so badass slashing enemies with her energy sword. XD

Happy that I get Mira/Neo Okusa early.
Is it me, or does Shizuru/Core Gunner got a better animation in SRWK?

Tori no Uta is the best in this game. Much better sounding than the one in SRWZ2. Hmm, I wonder why.
Finished Rockman X2 and X3 today. After talking with some chaps at the guild, they had the same issues. It's definitely a bad porting job, along with the Switch and PS4 controls are just aweful for that era of games. Especially the PS4's Directional bad.
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Playing Persona 4 Dancing All night on PS4 thanks to the Endless Night Collection of P3/P5 dancing. Good thing I jumped on the Amazon price error and got the collection for $60 rather than $100!

Its fun playing P4 dancing again especially on PS4. Pity the development team DINGO that was behind this game and Project F Miku games no longer exists.

I'm not really interested in the DLC for P3/P5 dancing aside from a few items..
I actually got lucky for once, won a prize for a game from Koei Tecmo America via twitter. Chose Attack on Titan 2 for PS4. Was tempted to get Warriors Orochi 4 but I'm waiting for the expansion of that game to come out likely next year with more playable characters.
Damn! I wish I also won once. Big Grin
Finished Rockman X4, 5, and 6.

X4, always a gem. Was my first Playstation game and always dear to my heart.

X5, utter garbage. It was just such bad quality compared to X4 in terms of audio, music and visuals. Even the assets it reused from X4 somehow looked worse.

X6: A lot better then X5. But it was definitely a rush job. Also the Nightmare system and easily to screw up Reploid rescuing had sersious flaws. And goddamn now I remember I didn't play X6 much. Because fuck the Gate stages. Hell, without having to hunt down hard to get specific parts, X can't even actually make it past the first 30 seconds of the first stage because all the 4 Gate stages do is just stick spikes everywhere.

Also shows how young I was back then that I never noticed just how terrible the localization was. It was straight up google translated. In that things that should have been written first were wrtten last when the characters were talking, not to mention non stop grammar issues. I wasn't a weeab or into anime back then so I had never noticed that Gate was voiced by Keiji Fujiwara.

Story wise, while not much made sense, it was nice they finally brought back Dr,Wily and started to go into Zero's origins. But then X7 came and ruined everything. Hell, if you read the title info in the X collection it practically resets everything. Also I had always liked that it brought up the issues that in both X6 and half of 5, Zero wasn't even hunting Irregulars, he ws literally just murdering repliroids and stealing their parts against their will. And then that Alia had a bunch of skeletons in her closet and helped murder a bunch of innocent repliroids to get ahead in life. Though for some reason, this is scene as perfectly fine.

Up next is X7 but before that I'll probably need to stock up on a lot of fine wines and liquors.
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