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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
I haven't tried out Nier: Automata yet, but my next game is Horizon: Zero Dawn now that I've completed Atelier Firis. Maybe I'll return to Persona 5 after that. Still on a break from it after having a hard time with the stupid fishing trophy.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
And I've platinumed NieR: Automata just like that.
Wow, I never imagine there would be a day for me to actually BUY my way to platinum a game. XD

I did sell all the junks in my inventory to afford them lol
I spend the majority playing Granblue Fantasy (rank 139 to give you an idea) (I got loads of anima if anyone who plays Granblue wants a vice mvp/actual mvp on a specific raid. gimme a holler lol. Just trade another raid for it.)

I play Nier Automata here and there.

I'm going through the Legacy of Kain series cause now that I'm older I actually can appreciate this stuff now lol.

I'm playing on a Wow Vanilla private server cause my cousin recommended to see how the old school WoW rolled (particularly caused I never jumped on the bandwagon to play WoW so it completely flew past my head heh)
Finally tried playing Uncharted 4 (borrowed).
This game is kinda slow in the beginning, but by the time I get to Madagascar, I can't stop playing. The multiplayer is fun too!

I'll be sure to buy Lost Legacy.
Finished and Sent Back Atelier Sophie to gamefly. Albeit I didn't get the plat because I wasted too much time on it. (Its a 35 hour plat, and I pushed over 90 hours somehow which Im not sure how). All I had left to do was just kill the light Elemental, and then whatever the super final boss is. I just got lazy and did't want to waste much more time having to farm the best mats just to make the weapons and gear needed to beat that cheating 4 attacks per turn bitch. Not that big a deal, I have it on Vita anways and did a network save before sending it back.

As to the game.....It was shit. Fritz, Platcha, Sophie and the twins were alright as cahracters (At least in the DLC for the twins case), but the game had nothing going for it. It actually managed to be worse then Twilight Sea.

-Combat was boring and bare bones

-The stupid puzzel solving needed to get recipes was also a uneeded new change.

-There was barely any story at all, 90% of the game was just the random every day events.

-NotLogy...everything about NotLogy. Pardon my language, but FUCK NotLogy. He's nothing like the real Logy in Twilight Sky, and I don't get why the hell they copy and pasted him into Sophie, (Which doesn't even take place in the same world as the Twilight series) if they were going to make him into an entirely new character. I know it's because he was insanely popular as the first male protagonist in the series, but at least try to use the same character personality.

I already know I'm going to be pissed off in Firis because of loli Escha. Escha and Logy were the best parts of the twilight series, and made Twilight Sky stand out over the other 2 games, especially the failed attempted that was Shallie to reproduce the partnership/relationship that Escha and Logy had. So what do they do? They bring in Logy, only make him 10 years older, and then bring in Escha, and make her 10 years younger not putting a 20 year gap between the 2.

Way to already ruin a franchise before your new series is even half done ,Gust.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Wow... I guess its a good thing I have yet to buy a Atelier game since Escha and Logy, lol

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