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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Since I just got Hitman 2 and finally cleared the first Hitman episodes in it, I played some of the Hitman 2 locations, namely Hawkes Bay, Miami, and Santa Fortuna.

The updated Hitman 2 mechanics works very well, we got a "blend in crowd" system which works perfectly in Miami. Then we get the briefcase, a very interesting suitcase where you can bring illegal items like Sniper Rifle or any weapons. Finally, the "hiding in the bushes" feature is also excellent, making you feel like Solid Snake at times.

Of the three locations I visited (Hawkes Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna), each offers very interesting things to do.
- In Hawkes Bay, you'll feel like a secret agent infiltrating a house.
- Miami is big and pretty. Too bad we can't actually enter the race tracks, but there are plenty things you can find on the side of those tracks.
- In Santa Fortuna, while the place is crawling with soldiers, the place is a beauty. I can just walk around in the place like a tourist, enjoying the scenery while studying the place.

One step back in Hitman 2 is the cutscenes. In Hitman The First Season, you get to watch a CG Movie cutscene before and after each episode. In Hitman 2, you'll also get a cutscene, but it's not exactly a CG movie. More like a moving still pictures. At least they still have voice acting, but it's kinda jarring to see when you just finished the first season.

Anyway, Hitman 2 is no longer episodic, we get all the content on day 1. It's a fantastic game, and IOI sure could use the money since they stupidly released this game now, fighting against other giants like Red Dead Redemption 2 (fresh off October but I don't think people finished that game yet), Call of Duty Black Ops IIII (same thing), Battlefield V, and Fallout 76.
Ended up putting my curremt gen games on hold ans switched to the pap version of Sora no Kiseki FC.

Od forgotten how lame and boring Josh and Liberal are to Erebonia.
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Code:Realize and Chaos;Child both finished so I'll probably start up on the Star Ocean Last Hope HD Remaster I finally picked up. Smile
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Decided to attempt to tackle some of my very large backlog of games. Playing Megaman Starforce 1 Pegasus. I've only played Battle Network 3 Blue before. I own all 3 Starforce games so I'm taking my time with this.

Its fun and a graphical improvement over the Battle Network games. The anime was amusing too. Pity it only went to the 2nd game then was cancelled. These were probably the better Megaman games of the last decade aside from the ZX games on the 3DS.
Started playing Red Dead 2 and Battlefield V. I'd heard V was a lot better then the last 3 installments and a couple friends picked it up as well so it should be fun. Though nothing will probably be as good as Bad Company 2 though.

Holy shit at Red Dead 2 though. It comes with 2 disks, one of which is strictly just to install data. It requires about 105GBs of space alone, which forced me to delete like 60% of my systems games. Now has me considering upgrading the internal storage to a SDD.

As for Sen no Kiseki IV, managed to not screw up the run somehow, and at the final dungeon. I don't know why one of the NG+ bonuses is Rean's character model without shirt, but it makes every cut scene hilarious to watch. Especially when Rosellia makes him his new outfit and everyone is saying how good it is. (based lolibaba)
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Finished Hitman 2. What a ride.
Now to complete all the challenges, eventhough there's no friggin' platinum for the game.

Also, finally got a friend who wants to play Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode. So much fun. Big Grin
Hahah, I know that feel. I remember when I finally found one to go trhough all of RE5 on Professional with it. And then Orochi helped me out with the Versus mode stuff back on the Xbox 360 version

Started paying Gundam Battle Op 2 seriously again. Hadn't really played it much since before my trip at the end of October. For some reason the game feels so terrible now, and now I see why. They added the stupid Ez8 to the DP shop, so now everyone is running around with it.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Lately I have been playing Shovel Knight and I just finished Super Robot Wars Original Generation.
Returned to Labryinth of Refrain. Roommate finished it last month and it was his first ever platinum so the least I can do is finish the game. Smile
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Decided to put SRWL and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 in my phone.
Finally I can play SRWL again. I haven't actually finished that game yet.

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