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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Finished Alternative last night. Now I remember why I hated it 10 years ago. It combines the 2 types of endings I despise the most. The shitty "Everyone else dies"  cop out ending so that the MC has no loose baggage to deal with. And the just as bad "Reset/forgot his memories ending".
[Image: tlPfJXm.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Back to Total War: Warhammer 2 for me because of the newest DLC (Curse of the Vampire Coast). Vampire and Zombie pirates are fun. lol

Since I finished all 4 games I brought with me on this 3 week trip within the first week I decided to Start Faith Hoddess Noir, Planet Destroyer Black Heart.

I decided to give the dub a fair try and not switch to the JP audio for once.

.....this is one of the most horrible dubs yet. Everyone sounds like theyre voiceing 5 other characters bit using the same voice tone. And the over acting is just as bad. Nothing sounds natural.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Managed to get Hitman 1 for free by claiming it via the in-game Hitman menu.
Basically I just borrowed a friend's Hitman, claimed the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack, and returned the game to him.
Bam! Free Hitman The First Season. It even got trophies!
Trying out the Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial Version.
Basically, we get to pick 3 characters for trial using the trial tickets.
There's a large limitation on it, tho. You can't actually finish the campaign, you can't play free mode, and you can only play online with characters that's free on rotation per day.
As I like to goof around and ignore the main quest, I think I'm quite happy with it.

Framerate isn't so bad, but the pop-ins are quite horrible.
I still enjoy it.
Update on the Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial: Seems I can't change weapons AT ALL.
Friggin' limitation. Now I wonder if I buy the officer ticket, would that allow me to change Zhao Yun's weapon into Pang De's or not. :/

Meanwhile, Hitman The First Season played with Hitman 2 engine really changed the game flow. Now we can smuggle sniper rifle using a suitcase, blend in the crowds, and hide in the bushes. Wow!
Fully done with Full Metal Panic Who Dares Wins on PS4 after getting platinum on it (pretty easy to do). Its a simple yet fun game. A budget title too especially as a anime tie in game by Namco Bandai. Not worth the full price from launch because its pretty short and doesn't really offer much in combat. There is a few prologue stages that cover a bit of the 1st anime and 2nd raid. No fumoffu aside from a joke ending. The what if scenarios are pretty amusing especially the alternate endings. The plot is a quite condensed version of the post 2nd Raid novels.

Game is actually pretty hard on 1st playthrough but gets a lot easier on 2nd one and beyond, once you get any alternate ending (only after beating the game on mandatory normal route the 1st time) you have to start all over in order to save the system data. You still get to keep all money and pilot points.
No spoilers for any post Full Metal IV stuff? Only thing that was holding me off.
It goes beyond it but at a fast pace while also taking a few liberties in the IV stuff as well as cutting some out too. It goes up till the end of the novels.
Disgaea 5 -

Damn, the story is pretty bad and I'm not liking the cast of this particular entry. I haven't played 4 but their cast seems far more interesting going by the DLC content. (Valvatorez DLC fight was pretty hard.)

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