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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
No, Still only on the JP, HK and other Asian region PSN Stores. All versions ars the same and you can freely choose your language.
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I've been playing Metal Max Xeno, Metal Max Xeno is a budget title, and it shows. Game is actually kind of hard. The tank combat is interesting and the customizing options/weapons stand out. Localization is bare bones (no surprise from NISA) and the plot is minimal, but that's been a thing in Metal Max games from what I've read. I like the character designs too. Its a alright game overall. I believe it can be beat in 20 hours.
Day 5 of this 21 day trip. Wrapped up Macross Delta Scramble and finally got the platinum for SRW X.

Best top 5 are best top.
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Iori was the better protagonist but Amari also had that innocent charm to her. It was amusing seeing how they each reacted differently to the same events. Not to mention how in his route Hops is the douche bag bro while in hers hes the white night husband. 

Hopfully tje next SRW isnt made from 70% reused assets again.
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Day 6
Finished Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited. Forgot how short it was even for a visual novel. Kasumi, Mikoto and Tama are still best girls.

Jesus the art for these game aged horribly. Why couldnt they update it like they did Tears to Tiara.

Up next is Alternative....CHOMP! 

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Who the hell localized these games. Some of the additions to dialogues are just annoying. Such as Takeru saying "dude" like every other fucking line like some 80s stoner.
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Finished Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, wow there's still people playing it online

i think i will begin Horizon now
Its never too late to start loving again

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While nearly everyone on my friendlist are playing Red Dead Redemption 2, I've been playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. Now up to Episode 3: Barry and Natalia.

- Also been playing SoulCalibur VI. Most beautiful fighting game.
- Borrowed Hitman: The First Season from a friend, installed it, but haven't bothered to play it yet.
- Tried Wasteland 2 for a bit, then decided to delete it for now.
- Tried Syberia 3, seems okay. I'm looking forward to see Kate Walker's adventure continues, but I want to clear Revelations 2 first.
- Deleted Destiny 2 since it's kinda boring and by 8 hours I haven't got a single trophy yet.

I think that's about it for now.
Beat Metal Max Xeno, story is pretty non-existent with some strange direct sex talk and lines. Sloppy localization (no surprise NISA). But the tank combat was fun, although the game was quite hard too. On foot battles are mostly useless.

But it seemed to do pretty well in Japan especially compared to the last couple of games and it definitely leaves room for a direct sequel. Thankfully the game has replay value to fight bosses again on new game plus with a option to just hunt the bosses again and get newer weapons and tanks not accessible in the 1st play-through. It was a budget title (and it shows) but fun overall. It helps that it is also $40 only too.
(11-06-2018, 06:21 AM)Mai Wrote: Finished Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, wow there's still people playing it online

i think i will begin Horizon now

It was pretty much dead. But as DB Super went on they kept adding more and more content that its still alive and kicking.

Hopfully they make Xeno 3 with an entirely new concept. The concept of "restoring time to its same boring canon self" was already feeling rehashed and boring the 2nd game. No one wants to do it all over again. It doesnt help that at base Xenoverse II was just reused assets from Xeno 1.

What Xeno 3 really needs is to ditch the time patrol thing and just start anew with things like the insane Dragon ball Heroes events.
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Playing some Code Realize atm.
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