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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Rare for me to beat 2 games in a single weekend. Beat Spider-man PS4. Loved the game. Great voice acting, emotional story, fun gameplay, its all there! Miles was a great and natural addition to the game and I hope to see a sequel within the next 2 years. Even earned a platinum trophy which was quite surprising as I thought getting the highest rank in all certain challenges was needed for the trophy but apparently not, just the Silver medal is good enough.

Now its finally time to start Valkyria 4.
Finished up 2 games this weekened. First was Sen no Kiseki I NA version. Forced bad dub aside luckily can be fixed by just turning off the voices. I forgot how aweful the final battle on knightmare was due to the fact that it's entirely based on bull shit RNG on whether or not Rean will counter/dodge or just get hit like an idiot. There's a reason all the later games made it a 100% counter skill....Also getting the 1000 battles done was tedious as all hell because evn doing a 99.9% perfect run will barely get you less then 300 battles per playthrough, let a lone one being a NG+ where you just run past everything.
[Image: q8fu2JR.jpg]

Crow always had a think for his Kouhai's.... but for...certain reasons.
[Image: zbVuwBk.jpg]

And the other was Anubis ZOE MARS. THIS is what a remaster SHOULD be. Not the lazy as fuck job CC2 did with .hack//GU. Since you need to do 2 runs to 100% it I did my first one in VR, and the 2nd one in TPV. It was neat seeing out of the cocking at the various scenic landscapes and aerial views of MARS.

Navigating Lloyd's basement in VR is the msot annoying as fuck thing because you can never see if you're about to be crushed to death without looking to your actual side of the cock pit. The Vascillia sky in the cockpit looked amazing as well as the Zakat battle.

The Model Viewer was also nice because Cygames went into isnane detail recreating the models. You can even see where Kojima and crew cut corners and literally only made half of the frames, and then just mirrored said model and glued the together. That's why the text markings you could see back on the PS2 versions were backwards when you saw them on the opposite side. Also things like "Caution" would be "Caui" and then be mirrored so you have the same half backwards mixing into the first half.

ALso you can finally see the smallest of text on the frames. Most is just warnings.

(Getting Chris to take off her otp and show me her tits was the last trophy I needed)
[Image: tI4W1ix.png]
[Image: oDoyhXd.png]
[Image: dsQ0thb.png]

You're only ever in this area for like 2 minutes, so I never noticed before that Kojima had his sex adds in this game as well.
[Image: H0k91B2.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Well, make that 3. Managed to 100% Gundam Battle Operation 2 last night. All I had left was clearing the final Rank challenges and managed to wrap it up after todays reset. Being maxed rank and maxed competitive rating (aka getting all the trophies0 has made the game a lot more funner since now I can just play whatever I feel like it instead of worrying about my rank going down.

Dropped Anubis and Sen I at the post office this morning, hopfully before my trip on the 30th Gamefly sends me Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alter.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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